Furtive Fuck

Took my wife to a hotel in Spain for a holiday that had a naturist sun terrace on the roof. She is normally quite conservative but agreed to give it a go. There were only a few other people up there and after the initial embarrassment she soon go used to it. As the holiday progressed she really loosened up, especially after some serious alcohol consumption!
She loved the feel of the sun on her naked body and especially with me rubbing sun cream everywhere over her naked body ... and I mean everywhere!!
One afternoon with her in a very drunken state I decided to make a move and after covering her with suncream I progressed on to gently fingering her on the roof with other people on the roof with us. They were all laid out and were unaware of what I was doing to my wife who was loving what I was doing to her and managing to keep quiet and keeping as still as she could. Then some of the other people got up and left the roof so I had to stop until the coast was clear. That left us alone apart from one guy who had his back to us. It’s not often you get the chance to push the boundaries a little so I set my camera on video and got back to making my wife wriggle on the end of my finger. Once she was back on to it I moved across to sit at the bottom of her sunbed , checking to make sure the other guy was still facing the other way and told my wife he was fast asleep And so she should just relax and enjoy ( her alcohol induced ) buzz from me touching her.
Keeping an eye on the other guy I moved up to her and lifted her legs up and over mine allowing me to push my hard cock into her moist pussy. Having hit the spot I forgot about the other guy and proceeded to bang her right there on the roof in a public place. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her and dump my load, after which I moved back on to my adjacent sunbed shocked to see that the other guy had turned around and was watching what we had been doing. Wifey never realised we had been seen and I thought it best not to tell her!
Video and photos available if anyone would like to see?

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