Wifes 1st time fucking another guy...

My wife and I had started taking nude photos soon after we'd gotten married at 18-yo an it quickly became obvious that we both got turned on thinking about the guy developing the film seeing her sexy 5-8, 110lb 34C-24-35 body. As we'd always have amazing sex after getting our pictures back. Our photos got to be bolder and bolder just for the thrill of someone seeing them.

But what really got things going came when I showed a friend of ours some of her pictures. I thought she'd be mad when she found out but instead she was turned on as hell. Hearing what he had said and me telling her how excited he got seeing her nude. After that she really got in to exhibitionism. We'd began swapping photos through the mail with cpl's we met through swinger magazines. " Was the 70's & before computers ". But she wanted to see the expression on someone's face and there reaction after seeing her nude. So we started going on trips out of town for her to expose herself.

My friend had swore he wouldn't tell anyone about our pictures but I noticed a cpl of our male friends had started coming over to visit very frequently. An the way they looked at my wife made me wonder. One night a friend of ours who I already knew had the hot's for my wife for my wife came over and brought a porn video.

My wife was out so we started watching the movie. After a while he began to talk about photography. And he started telling me about how he'd taken some nude pics of his 15 yo girlfriend. Then ask if I'd ever taken any pics like that of Lynn. I'm pretty sure he already knew but I told him I had. Over the next hour he continued to bring up the subject of the pictures. Then finally he said he'd be willing to let me see the pics of his girlfriend if I'd show him the pics of Lynn.

I knew how much he wanted to see them because a cpl of mutual friends had told me every time he saw Lynn driving by his house he'd go on an on about how hot she was and how much he'd like to fuck her. So I wanted to make him sweat a little and told him I wasn't really sure. And that I'd have to ask Lynn first.

I think he was nervous about my telling Lynn anything afraid it would offend her an she might tell his girlfriend. It wasn't long before my wife got home. I went to get us a couple of beer's and to tell Lynn what was going on. We'd had a 3-some once before but the guy was nervous an had trouble staying hard an he hadn't fucked her and barely touched her. He saw her nude and she had sucked us both off. We'd really enjoyed it but he was so nervous it really kind of dampened the experience.

We quickly came up with a plan. So when I went back with the beer's I told John I'd talked to Lynn and she wasn't sure about him seeing the pictures because she didn't think she looked very good in them. He was obviously disapointed but said he understood. But was still talking about how he bet she was really hot in our photos.

After a while Lynn came in. She was wearing a very plain looking dress with buttons up the front. Him an I were sitting on either end of the couch and she stood right between us. She told him what I'd just said about how she really didn't think she looked that good in the photos. An before he could respond she said but she knew how much I'd like to see his girlfriend's pictures. And then blew his mind when she said so she thought maybe he'd be just as happy if he got to see the real thing. Then without a word from him she began to very slowly unbutton her dress.

She did a sexy little strip tease for us taking her time running her hands over her very sexy body. First taking off her dress. Then slowly removing her bra & panties. This left her nude except for her sexy black garter belt & sheer silk stockings and spiked heels. She stood there fondling her nice firm 34C tits & rubbing her hairy bush. She turned showing off her firm ass then turned to face up again.

He was speachless already and really looked surprised when she moved in closer then sat down between us. She started to rub our hard cocks through our pants for a while then started to undress us. In no time we were all nude. Both of us started sucking on her tits & eating her pussy. When we both had gotten back on the couch on each side of her she started stroking our hard cocks. Then leaned over and took John's cock in her mouth. She took turns sucking us off and having us fuck her tits.

At one point while she was sucking me off John seized the moment and got behind my hot wife and slid his cock in her tight little pussy. The harder he pounded her from behind the deeper she swallowed my cock. At one point he began running his little finger around her ass getting her really worked up. It was so hot for me watching my wife getting fucked by another guy and of course him seeing her nude. It also got me excited when as he fucked her he commented on how tight her pussy was and how good she was at sucking cock as he watched her go down on me.

We ended up both shooting a load of hot cum down her throat and watched her swallow every drop. He and I started getting dressed but Lynn walked around still in only her garter,stockings & heels. As if it was no big deal. He was blown away by what had just happened and promised to bring his girlfriends photos over the next day.

His girlfriend had just turned 16 and you could tell her age in her face. But she had a grown womans body. Nice big 36D tits. She was a little pudgy but not fat. But those tits were perfect. And she was a natural blonde. You could tell by her hairy little pussy.

We had lots of 3-somes with John over the yrs and he even convinced his GF into playing strip poker a couple of times. And us watching porn movies with all four of us nude ending up with watching each other have sex. He tried to get her to agree to swapping but she was very jealous over John. But surprised him when she told him if he wanted to watch her get fucked by another guy she'd be ok with me fucking her. But somewhere else and made it clear she wasn't about to let him be with Lynn.

He did invite me to his house one day and his GF was there in a see through night gown. She sucked my dick for me and I fucked her with her on top so those big tits were in my face for me to suck on. And at John's request she wrapped those big tits around cock and I fucked those firm young tits until I shot a huge load all over them. And watched her lift those big jugs up and lick my cum off.

This was just the first of many times I got to watch my sexy wife get fucked by another guy and getting to fuck his 15 yo girlfriend was a bonus.


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  • My wife did exactly the same with myself and Phil meaning stripping off actually letting Phil help her while I watched and believe me it is the best site watching another guy stripping your wife and then going on fucking

  • Couldn't read it sorry, as your phone started spazzing out a load of random numbers.

  • What phone?

  • The good old days right? I remember my boyfriend and his friend and I having a good time, fooling around, having a few drinks, doing some blow... I was in my teens too

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