No matter what happens I am still horny . My husband and I make love almost every night and almost every morning. Still I am horny like uncomfortably , soon as he leaves for work. I wear a shear silk robe, I walk around the house and let it open. The slight breeze on my naked body is intense. I masturbate so much it's crazy. I have purchased alot of sex toys and use them daily. Still I'm so horny. I'm afraid that I'm going to start cheating on him. I honestly feel that I would not say no or try to stop anyone from having sex with me during the course of the day. I am constantly looking out the window hoping someone will walk by or come here to see my naked body. I have toys in me vibrating. I try to stick them further and further in my holes. Oh god I'm going nuts.


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  • Do you like the feel of a BBC? I live in London UK.

  • I am watching two guys with clipboards going to the neighbors house. I hope they come here too.

  • Clipboards as such a turn on!

    I imagine the guys doing surveys, asking how often you masturbate, what your favorite fantasies are and such. Also, you can try to peek to see what the neighbors are doing ;)

    Did I mention that clipboards are hot?

  • They were trying to talk about school taxes hahahaha

  • Did you fuck them

  • Yes

  • I have cheated and I believe that he knows something he calls multiple times a day and always before coming home.

  • You need a lover or lovers to tame your fire

  • Just cheat ;)

  • It will only get worse. Tell your husband, you should probably start having threesomes.

  • Sometimes I feel the same way about my relationship. I Just want to experiment with someone new and that can make me go crazy, and while my partner has a great body, they can be bitchy and a burden. I just wish I could do it and not be in trouble for sleeping with someone. But at the same time I don't wanna break the trust I have built

  • Get a male Labrador as a pet but let him fuck you good.

    Read some of the dog stories on here and let yourself enjoy free good sex with cum that’s warmer than a mans and also the cocks are much better. No need to worry about feelings etc

  • Well I'm not going to comment on your comment

  • Send me your number and I'll help you love

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