I am such a slut

I have been married for almost twelve years now and I have had several lovers during this time. My husband is a good person, keeps us all well taken care of and I love to please him both as a wife and a lover. I have had sex with my lover and my husband in the same day just hours apart, I love sex, I love adventure. I love to go over to a lovers place and not know what is going to happen, unpredictable sex gets me to turned on I have body tingles when I walk into his door. He knows that he has complete freedom to do what ever he desires with me and some of them have been pretty wild.
I thought that it was really funny one time because I was put into bondage twice in one day by my lover then later that night by my husband. My husband loves to tickle me plus give me pleasure but my lover is a little more into pleasure and light pain, things like nipple clamps and large dildos. He pulled out a dildo that I thought could never fit into me and once it was in I had one of the largest orgasms of my life.
I feel guilty now and then but at the same time I am not depriving him of anything, I still love him as much as the day he asked me to marry him. I just crave sex I think.

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  • All this story is totally applicable to my worker. She is just like you. Except that I allow her to play with her Ex BF.

  • I can be called a male slut, I have my share of lovers. I love how different women make love. I have had several over the past 10 years during our marriage. Before my wife and I married, We had a very active sex life. When I started to hear NO after We married. I put up with that for about 2 years. Then I went fishing

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