Cock for the blues

So the back story is I went cold turkey on men and dating to focus on my studies at university. But now that im done and looking for a job i decided to find a man.

My bf and i have been together for a few weeks now. Hes 67 and im 23. Im just sprung on older guys, something about the taste of a mature cock really gets me horny.

So heres the problem. I went to grab dinner and a drink after a seemingly bad job interview. an older man and his wife were enjoying dinner when i noticed he got up to use the restroom.

I got up and followed him. I blocked the door with the trash can as soon as he came in. I kissed him and got on my knees and pulled his pants down. I kissed his cock and he got really hard really fast. I shoved his cock down my throat and licked his balls and he came really fast. I swallowed his load and rushed back to my booth.

He just smiled at me on his way back and we didnt make eye contact after.
i couldnt help myself, i was sad and needed an older cock to make me happy. I didnt mean to cheat on my bf but older cocks are just my weakness

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  • Plenty of girls like older men, and plenty of girls find that their man's isn't always enough, especially when he isn't there. No shame in that.

  • Should i tell my bf what i did? Should i leave and consider casual hookups instead

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