I won't say which concert i went too, but it was amazing.

Only 30 minutes into the show i was grinding myself against this beautiful teens ass. She was leaning over the rail at the front of the pit and i was behind her trying not to look too obvious that i was rubbing myself against her.

I got bald and really shouldn't of, but the girl looked about 14 and was as hot as hell. She had a really short skirt on and a thin strap singlet. I knew she was young as her breast were barely maybe an A cup. I pulled my cock out and rubbed against her ass a few more times and then went for it. I waited till mid song, when everyone was screaming the most. I lifted the back of her skirt and pulled the back of her panties down.

It only took me a few seconds to have my cock balls deep inside her teen pussy, holding her hips tight as i blew so many loads into her. I just finished emptying myself and pulled out and moved away fast. She just fell to the floor and sat their as i left.

Best part is that i found another girl in a short skirt across the other side of the pit. It didn't take long, but i went for it a second time. She turned out to be much harder as it took several really hard shoves to force my cock into her. I managed to get balls deep after a half dozen thrusts and i had to hold her tight as she yelled and tried to get free. I unloaded in her so hard, pumping at least another 4 good loads in her. It was when i was done and let her go she turned to me. She couldn't have been more than 11 or 12 years old. Keeping her close i waited till the next song and i was already hard. I fucked her again, really making sure i pushed my loads as deep into her pussy and belly as i could.

When i finished i left the concert, leaving her crying on the floor as well.

God it turned out to be an amazing concert and night.


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  • After my success at this concert i have had a bit of fun. I have been to 2 more concerts recently.
    The first, i was easily buried in the crowd in the pit, so finding a girl was easy. I barely had to lift her skirt when i went for it as it was so short. I pushed her panties all the way to the floor and had a giggle as they were Disney Cinderella panties. The barrier at the front was a solid one so no one could see i had her pushed over against the back of it as i really forced myself balls deep into her tiny body and unloaded hard inside her. I held her tight until i got a second run and finished blowing another few good spurts into her pussy. She was at most 10 or 11 years old.
    The second show i took a bit but found girl right in the middle leaning over the fencing. I could see she was probably about 13, maybe 14 years old. Once i was behind her i only waited till i was throbbing and then went for it. She had a longer dress on, but i was easy to get under it and find her panties. I just pulled the crotch open and pushed in. I held her tight as she screamed. The singer came over and gave her a hand rub, thinking she was just hold her hand up as a fan, all the while i was cumming in her as the singer came over and left. She was crying when i finished cumming in her and pulled out and left.

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