Fantasy Sex Princess?

I was raised by a single mom north of the border. I was a pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes, shoulder length hair with a skinny body frame. Mom worked a lot of jobs but we would always enjoy our time together shopping or doing things. She was practically my best friend up until I left for college. I wasn't really into guys until I went to college. Yes I would fantasize about boys and guys growing up, don't all girls? As I got older I would even have dreams of men having sex with me as I was a teen. I got my period pretty early, I remember it because mom had gotten me my first cute sleeping gown with the matching panties in yellow that hardly covered anything downstairs, but it made me feel grown up. When I woke up In the morning I felt a wetness between my legs with soreness, I look in my panties and I have blood, I quickly yell out to call my mom and she comes rushing in, what is it Madison. I tell her that I am bleeding between my legs and she says it's nothing serious, that I just got my period, that I am a young lady now and that she is so happy for me. She helps me get up and my vagina feels sore, my mom says I probably am cramping at the same time and that it will go away shortly. She shows me how to wear and install the pads over my panties and says I will be fine. I tell her I was lucky it happen during the summer and not during school. My panties are soiled and I tell her I am sorry about ruining my underwear, she says it's nothing and that we can always get panties. As I continue to grow older I would have dreams of me being with men in that yellow nightie as a teen, I dream of bright lights above my bed, my bed sheet being pulled away from me and voices saying I am beautiful, I see hands undoing the ties of my nightie opening it apart, my legs being pushed up in the air and my panties being removed. I dream of blurry bodies opening my legs open and someone between my legs pumping my pussy back and forth until I pass out in pleasure. I dream this type of dream sever times while in college, after I got married, I even dream it after my son is born. My mom passed away 5 years ago and I have sliowly been discarding some of the things from her home so we can sell it, I have two teen sons now. In the attack while going thru a old chest I come across a VHS video that says Madison 1st 10K. To myself I say I never ran a 10k, why is my mom keeping this tape. I take it home and put it in my safe until I can find a VHS player, it's 2015 and they really don't exist anymore. A year or so goes by and my family goes to the flea market. I see a VHS player and remember about the Madison 1st 10k tape in my safe. I bargain the seller down to 10 dollars and bring it home. My husband ask why I want it and thinking real fast I say my mom had a recorder and recorded some cool cooking recipes that I want to recreate if the player works. I get one of my sons to hook up the player to see if it is operational. I had also purchased a movie as a backup to test the son says it works. The first day I am alone in the house I grab the Madison's 1st 10k tape, I am eager to see what it is. I never remember running a 10k. I push the tape in, the picture comes to view with the words remove the sheet from her, it's me on my bed in the yellow nightie, the nightie has ridden up on me while under the sheets and my panties are exposed,, The tape makes a strange noise and the tv screen goes black. I eject the tape and the machine has destroyed the tape. I pull the pieces out and quickly burn the remainder of this tape. I try to remember the night a little better, I remember my mom fixing my hair and how beautiful I was, that I was growing up fast and she wished she had money to give us more things. I remember her giving me that nightie. I remembered her zipping on some whine and giving me some to taste from another glass as we are listening to some music. I remember feeling wonderful between my legs as my pussy is being pumped and trusted over and over again. Maybe my dream has always been real?


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  • Boring

  • Boring? I disagree. Her mother drugged her and allowed a man to rape her, while they filmed it, most likely for money.

    What do you want, explosions?

  • Oh did I say boring? I meant bullshit.

  • I wish you would knock off being the obnoxious bullshit police in here.

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