Looking for sex

Dear naughty posts.

I am a 37 year old white male I weigh 400 pounds and white and my penis is 6 inches cut and shaved.

I I love girls with Down Syndrome I think they are so cute.

I have had several girlfriends in the past and they are all going down syndrome.

Unfortunately I am single right now.
I am looking for any cute down syndrome girls in the peninsula area for sex .

I am not down syndrome but I have developmental disabilities.
And I am in a program for adults with developmental disabilities I have my own place and I can have people over whenever I want but stuff is here 24/7 but I have my own room and if I have someone over I'm allowed to put in my room and lock my door and do whatever I want so. Is not a problem.

If you are interested and getting up for sex please let me know.

Please respond with your wait race body type and let me know how big your tits are and if your vagina is shaved or hairy also what kind of panties do you wear and what color thank you.


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