Girlfriend caught having sex with her brother-in-law

It happened in 1966, my best years as I was only 18 years-old. I come to my village during one of the long weekends working for a company in another part of the country. I was standing with my best friend on the street corner, when two girls walked out from a house about 100 m away. I recognized one of the girls but the other I have never seen.

I asked my friend who is the other girl, he told me she is the sister of so and so, the lady I knew well all my life. Husband was well know in the village as good "fucker" and stories were circulating of him as having a big cock.

The girls seeing two of us walked toward two of as. We met, I invited them into the house. I fell in love with the girl her name was Anna. She was visiting her sister.
I invited them to the cinema, as it is small country village where there is not many options to take girl out. Anyhow we watch the movie but I have no idea what did we watch, I was obsessed with pretty Anna, prettiest girl I have seen.

Walking home, I squeezed Anna in somebody's gate, she did not resisted. We were kissing as if we knew each other long time. While kissing her with one hand I tried to place my hand on her breasts, she gently whispered "no".

We continued walking home, I asked her if we could meet again, to my utmost pleasure she said "of course we can". We come to her sister's house, we talked more, I told her that sadly I have not much time, Monday I must go back to my work. I asked her would she come with me. Her reply was I have something to tell you and after that you have to decide if you still want me.

I turned into listening ear. "I was living with a man for six months." Anna said. My heart sink, but I am so in love with this most beautiful girl, I am ready to I am ready to overlook that, I told her that. She told me "Yes, I like you very much I would come with you if that's what you want. But tomorrow I must go to the home of that man to pickup my belongings." I said I am coming with you of course I would not go to his home but wait for you at the ferry on the opposite side of the river Danube.

We set the time to 6:00 am as there is distance of about 12 km to the ferry, and it was summer earlier we go it would be cooler to walk.

Next morning I wake up, and in my eagerness to see Anna, I went to her house about 20 minutes earlier. I opened the street gate, walked through the front yard to the kitchen where Anna was sleeping on the sofa bed during her visits. The door was closed, half the door was in glass but not see through, you know what I mean. I knock on the door and waited minute no body is answering. I reached for the door handle it was locked. I call her name no body is answering. On their bedroom was window, I come to the window and looked inside.

On the opposite side of the room was double bed, not far from the window as the house was relatively small, if I stretched my hand through the window I could be touching the bed inside that close.

My heart stopped. On the bed was two people, I could not see the face of the male person but his asshole was looking at the window. Under him was Anna her legs were on his shoulders, I could clearly see that they are fucking. He was pumping her hard and fast. He cum about three times as I have seen cum running out off Anna's pussy.

I come to my senses, I do not want to be seen and least I want Anna to know what I have seen. I run out on the street. I set on the bench that was in front of the house. Breathing heavily I was trying to come down. Must admit that my pants was wet as I probably cum my self.

I married Anna, we have four delightful children. Anna passed away five years ago suffering from Alzheimer. We been living together for over 40 years, have four grandchildren. I miss her terribly.

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  • Thank you for sharing your story, I am sorry for your loss.

    I also have to say I love the line, "his asshole was looking at the window".

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