Desired to have sex with BF's Brother

Many moons ago when I was almost 13, I had this desire that my best friends brother would be my first lover. He was a few years older than us, very athletic and muscular. A weekend in the early 90's saw me staying over to spend the night at Sarah's home, she was my best friend since elementary school. We had already prepared for bed and all when Nathan comes into her room and says if we want to play twister. He notices that I am in a thin yellow gown that barely covers my matching panties. We both say no to playing because we want to mess around with painting our nails. Their parents are at a dinner dance out of town and aren't expected into wee hours in the morning. After we while she and I have fallen asleep when I feel Nathan softly shaking me to wake up, he puts his finger on his lips implying for me to stay quiet. He says don't wake Sarah up, grabs me by my hand and says for me to follow him. I get out of bed forgetting that my gown is thin and sheer. When we exit Sarah's room he says we are going to the basement, that there is a bed down there that we can lay on and talk. In the light I noticed he is only in a t-shirt and guys fashion underwear in orange. I thought it was cool that he was wearing something different than white briefs or boxers when by this time so many other cool options were available for guys. We go down the basement and he sits me the edge of the bed, the bed lamp in the room is on. He says Janice your nothing like the other girls, your the prettiest girl in The Who neighborhood, as I say thank you, Nathan softly kisses me on the lips. When he stops he asks if I am ok. I softly reply yea. He then asks if I have ever been with a guy yet? I say no. He replies, I knew you were a virgin and again gently kisses me and starts to push me ever so slowly to lay on the bed, one of his knees starts to spread a leg of mine apart, then he moves the other open with his hands and they move to the center of my panties. Nathan starts to rub over them as he is kissing me, he stops and moves his lips to my neck area, the whole time pushing my nylon panties into my hole. He lifts up from being on top of me to remove his shirt. He says don't worry to me that he's not going anywhere, that he's going to fuck me. The words enter my head and I say to myself it's finally going to happen. I say Nathan cut the light off as he starts to remove his orange underwear and he says no, that he wants to see all of me naked. My gown has moved up past my panties, I know they reveal a lot, they are so thin. Stepping out of his underwear his cock is hard, rigid and huge, it's staring right at me. Nathan grabs it and says don't worry Janice, that my pussy will be able to take it all. He gets back on top of me and reaches for the buttons on my gown and starts to undo them. When he gets the final button undone he just pushes the gown open and my breast are exposed. He moves his mouth over them and at the same time a hand of his once again finds the center of my pussy and Nathan starts to rub over my panties. He is biting and chewing on my nipples, I start to moan at the ecstasy of his touch and suction of my breast, I don't have much, at the time I am an A cup. He moves away from my breast and starts to work his way down to my belly button., kissing me there little kisses. He notices my panties tie on the hips. His fingers untie one side of my panties, then the other side, they are loose, he just pushes the fabric away so my pussy is exposed to me. He looks at me and says he knew my pussy would still be bald. I feel him grab my legs and open them up more, he is kneeling between me, he kinda pushes my knees to my shoulders and whispers in my ear, hold on Janice, that he's going to push his cock in my pussy. I feel my hole opening and something going in, he says not to move that he will push it all in slowly. I feel it opening my inside, I hear like a tearing noise in my stomach, I just move my legs wider to him. He says there you go it's almost all in now. I say Nathan no more,, he says shhhhh.. in my year, that he has it all in now and to lay still. I am starting to sweat, Nathan kisses my forehead than my nose, he whispers in my ear to let him know when my pussy feels hot. All I can feel is a foreign object in my hole. Nathan whiskers in my ear again and ask if my pussy is feeling hot. It a way it actually is so I softly reply yes. Then he says hang on Janice, I am fixing to fuck your brains out. I feel him pull his cock away from inside of me, but then all of a sudden he moves his mouth over mine to kiss me and he quickly shoves his cock back into my pussy and starts to trust back and forth rapidly hammering my pussy. I can feel his balls slapping my butt hole as he is kissing me. I want to scream out for him to stop but I can't because his tougue is in my mouth. He is thrusting harder and harder with each motion. I push my legs wider apart for him as it seems to excite him more, than with a huge final trust, I feel him explode in me. Luckily for me, I did not get pregnant over this.


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  • You lived in the Who’s Neighborhood? Cool!

  • Have you guys fucked anymore after that?

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