I want my cock sucked so bad

I'm 18 and really want my cock sucked, but I don't have the balls to go out and date and all that. I wish there was a way to do it discreetly and quickly for fun and not have to pay a prostitute and all that. Like Tinder except you just post nudes and meet up.

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  • So it has been about three weeks. Did you get your cock sucked yet?

  • You have to have the right mindset to have strangers suck your cock. When I post or respond to ads I tell them exactly what I want and tell them there will be nothing else going on. But I am a large guy, 6'5, 265 and in good shape so when they come over my size usually intimidates them but I am an easy going guy with an 8" and large balls so they love it. I have a regular stay at home mom who comes over during the day with condoms and rides the hell out it. You know, she is curvy, probably 5'4 and 200 lbs but let me tell you her pussy is tight and she sucks my dick like a machine and I love it.

  • I just go on craigslist and for some reason in my area there are ads all the time for people just wanting to suck a guys cock. I can get sucked every day of the week if I want to and I have had this one person over dozens of times this year already. My cock gets worshiped thru two orgasms every time and most of the time I have to tell them that I have had enough because they just keep on sucking. They have contacted me sometimes and asked if they can come over and give me a blow job because they really want to do it.
    Your 18 and should have no problem getting your cock sucked because I am 54 and can get it sucked anytime I want.

  • If you don't mind a guy sucking your cock, post an ad in on Craigslist. You will have guys lined up outside your door every night.

  • When you finally do get a hummer, skip getting your balls sucked on. It's overrated.

  • God not me, I love them licked and sucked on.

  • Its a lot of fun licking them and having them in your mouth too

  • Idk man I don’t know the feeling but I imagine it’s great

  • Try fabswingers, it is free

  • Craigslist

  • OP Here; I have tried but I always just get ugly fat women or ugly fat men unfortunately :(

  • Ugly and fat means they have to try extra hard so she will suck your soul right outta your dick

  • It is like fishing, patience is key, and you have to throw most of them back. But eventually you catch a good one, and will get a BJ.

  • Very true, takes a lot of time to find someone who will do it.

  • Yep..... when wife says no, CL has someone that will say yes! LOVE CL!

  • I always say yes. And swallow.

  • And I would love to have a dick in my mouth and cum on my face.

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