Taken by her dog

I was wearing my older step-sisters thong panties, and nightgown. I had bent down to get a hidden magazine for visuals to jack off to when her dog mounted me and grabbed me tightly and wouldn't let go. On all fours wearing her pretty things, I didn't try to cry for help, because I was a guy and not supposed to be wearing her clothes, but I loved wearing her clothes and did every chance I got.

He started humping air. I reached back with one hand to try and stroked him to try to get him off quickly, so he'd get off my back, and leave me alone, but he went crazy and shifted position and soon found his way to my butthole.

I felt the hard tip of his cock enter me. As soon as he felt my warmth, he forced it inside me and started fucking me hard. He wasn't gentle at all, but I found when I relaxed, it didn't hurt as much. I pulled a pillow off my bed to rest on. I wanted to get it over with quickly, so I wouldn't be found wearing her clothes. I relaxed fully and let him fuck me. I had only seen him hump things for a few minutes, then he'd stop and lose interest, so I waited. Because of me relaxing or him changing positon slightly, it felt like he was fucking me deeper now.

I felt stuffed. I didn't know about male dogs, so when he finally stopped, loosened his grip, and rested on my back, I thought it was finally over. This had been very strange. I hadn't planned for it to happen, but a dog had just had anal sex with me.

I tried to move away, but felt something inside me that wouldn't come out holding us together. I was starting to panic, but he just slowly stepped off my back and turned away from me and something inside me turned when he did.

His cock was stuck inside me. He whined softly, and then pulsing feeling inside me along with warmth. He was cumming in me. Turned on, I started jacking off and quickly came. Several minutes later, he pulled out. It was finally over.

I felt different. I was filled with his semen and was leaking some as well. He licked my tender hole and then his big cock till is shrank back down and into its sheath then walked off like nothing had happened. For him it might have been just another fuck, but for me it was my first time having sex, and I realized that I liked getting fucked.

It was insane. I could have been caught at any moment dressed in her clothes or getting fucked by her dog. I quickly got out of her clothes and cleaned up. She was home less than an hour later, and was completely unaware what her dog had done to me. I sat across the room from her as she played with her dog. My ass was full of his cum, and the only thing keeping it from leaking out everywhere was one of her tampons I was wearing inside.

I read about dog mating and knotting. Having been his bitch, it became a huge turn on whenever I thought about what had happened. I wondered if she had trained him to fuck her or if he was just horny, and I was in the right spot for him. When jacking off, instead of the magazine, I would dress in her nightgown and panties and think of him on my back fucking me hard while I jacked off.

When we were alone again a few days later, I was horny and my hole had an itch. I needed to get fucked again. I wore the same nightgown and thong panties. I got a pillow and into the bitch position, and he mounted and soon was fucking me silly. I got a surprise this time, he was fucking me deeply again and we ended up getting knotted again, but this time was different, with me being turned on ready to fuck and all the stimulation he was giving me, I moaned and came hard. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had, and made me feel warm all over and wonderful. I was enjoying pure bliss while I waited for him to finish.

I was fucked by him a few more times after that and got that wonderful orgasm again and was almost caught being his willing bitch.

It finally ended when she moved out and took her dog. The sex that happened between us was very wrong, but I miss him. Maybe he will always have a special place in my heart, because he took my virginity.


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  • Last summer down at the lake I watched my little sister get fucked by a big German Shepard and they were stuck together for over a hour. When he got off of her he drug her around backwards and several other boys and girls saw her stuck.
    The very next day I saw her again walking the same path she got fucked on. A half hour later she returned and there he was nose up her skirt, she was trying to push him away but it just made him more determined to get at her.
    He did and went right to fucking her again and he got stuck in her again for over a hour this time then a fight broke out between him and a big Rotty and the first dog made a b line for wherever.
    The big Rotty took hold of her by the neck and went right to trying to get his cock into her, he did and went wild fucking her taking her over and over again then he got hung up in her and stayed tight to her ass for nearly a hour again. When he was thru with the bitch he pulled out of her the cum didn't flow right from her for it took several minutes to work out of her cervix then it started in really flowing.
    The next night it was the same thing all over again and for 2 more after that. Then she didn't show up till later in the year. I was pissed when the guy she was with kicked the dog for sniffing her pussy or ass.

  • You are sick

  • Similar experience happened to me wearing my sister's clothes, but it was nothing but pain the whole time, then the knot ripped my asshole. Never happened again.

  • I always see stories of dogs mounting people but when I was younger we had a large female dog that I mounted. She loved it, she would get all excited when I got down on my knees and would back right up to me. I have always had great stamina and would push in and out of her for a while, wearing a condom that was lubed or course. She never whined at all or backed down from it and for a few moments her head would hang down and sway around like she was having an orgasm and she would be soaked and lubed herself.

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