Unmistakable sounds of sex

I got home early one afternoon, really early about 1:30 which was unusual for me. I did not send any messages to my wife figuring I would surprise her. I arrived home and the lawn service truck was parked along the road in front of our house. I do not know why but it struck me as odd that I did not hear any equipment running. I walked thru the front door and was just about to call out to my wife that I was home when I heard the unmistakable sound of her moaning out from pleasure. I froze in place and listened as she moaned out more, I knew that sound, she was building up to having an orgasm. I could hear her thru the kitchen so I quietly walked over looking and finally saw them on the back patio. We have a summer room that is all screened in and is basically an outdoor living room and there she was laying across the ottoman. Her legs were spread wide and one guy had his face buried in her licking her deeply and the other was standing above her head and she had both of her hands on his cock stroking it while his hands were caressing her breasts. He was spreading his legs and lowering his cock down so she could suck on it between moans.
My senses were telling me to burst in there and start beating the crap out of them but my eyes just took in the whole scene and I was actually pretty aroused watching her get pleasured. She certainly wanted them, I could tell that for sure and it was not like the two of us did not have a great sex life. We had just made love on the weekend for hours and she would on numerous occasions pleasure me in the morning before I left for work. I moved over to the other window and squatted down to watch, there was a large plant blocking most of the view so I had to move around some to see but from this spot I could see between her legs. She had stopped stroking the other ones cock and had both her hands on the guys head between her legs. Her legs went up and were locked out straight, toes pointing, she was about to have an orgasm, her mouth was locked wide open. She collapsed back down moaning out loud how good it felt. She went back to stroking and sucking the cock above her face while the one between her legs kept licking her and gently kissing her legs. I was surprised that he was not getting his cock ready to enter her, he was hard as a rock but just kept stroking himself a little.
The other guy started to have his orgasm and she pulled him forward as his he emptied his load onto her breasts, the whole thing seemed like a movie on tv. When he was done she grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped her chest and neck off. The guy she had just stroked off started getting dressed and the other one had stood up, I was looking at his rear end as she leaned forward and began sucking on him. I watched as her upper body rocked back and forth, breasts bobbing around while she sucked him, hands gripping his cock stroking him. He came in less than a minute and she did the same thing again pulling off of his cock and stroking him onto her breasts. She watched him get dressed while she cleaned herself with the towel again, he walked out the back door and around the house. The first guy to leave had loaded the mower up onto the trailer while he was finishing up with her. When he left she gathered up the towel and walked back to our bedroom while I sat there on the floor still amazed at what I got to watch and wondering how I felt about it. I walked back down towards our bedroom and could hear the shower going, I could have easily walked in there and taken a shower with her pretending to just get home but I just did not know how to play it. I got back in my car and left, drove to a place downtown and had a late lunch. I texted her and asked how her day was going and she told me she was having a great day, we chatted a bit then I told her I was coming home early today. I lied and told her I was sitting at a light just outside of work and should be there in an hour, she sent back the smiley face and told me she would be naked and waiting. I gave her a thumbs up and wrote sounds great and my mind went back to her legs spread wide having an orgasm.


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  • For years I suspected that my wife was cheating. Finally when she was at the casino with one of her friends I installed hidden cameras . Some look like clock's others phone charger's. At any rate. My new kink is to give her cash to go to the casino, while I stay home and watch the videos. I prefer not to tell her I know. But I'm truly enjoying the videos.

  • I’d love to come home to my wife doing that

  • A new world may be opening up for you.

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