Watching wife get fucked...

The hottest memories I have of our marriage are of seeing my hot wife exposing herself to other guys/girls and watching her suck and fuck other guys. Both close friends and total strangers. We enjoyed the swinger lifestyle for years. Wife swapping, 3-some's & group sex where we both had sex with lots of other partners. And had lots of 3-somes. But my hottest memories are of seeing guys lined up waiting there turn to fuck her or have her suck them off. And particularly seeing her taking a cock in her mouth ass & pussy all at the same time.

Has anyone else enjoyed sharing there wife with others be it swinging where you swapped with another couple. Let a friend fuck your wife while you watched or had a 3-some. Or took her to an adult theater and watched strangers grope,fondle and fuck your wife? Or simply showed others nude pics of your wife? I'd love to hear comments.

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  • I have watched my wife have sex with another woman it has greatly improver our sex lives we don know why

  • Forgot to post who it was from I think...I'm @like2watch1576

  • Love sharing my partners. Love watching her get fucked in all her holes. Watch her face as she cums

  • I know what you mean it is amazing seeing your wife/gf servicing another guy/girl.

  • Would love to hear some of your stories.

  • I met Jill at a Halloween party. She was the main attraction. She was fuxked in every hole for most of the evening buy both men and women. She suxked cock and ate pussy.
    I asked her to move in with me.
    A friend of mine from college would be in town for a day so we set a date to go out for dinner.
    Jill dressed in her sluttiest dress. Low neckline, short hem, 4 inch "fuck me" heels. No bra, no panties.
    Bob is 6'4" and hung like a horse.
    Jill never met Bob but I told her stories of our college days. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation.
    We arrived at the restaurant. Jilled flashed the valet as she stepped from the car. Inside, Jill gave Bob a kiss as tho they were long lost lovers.
    She sat between us. I snaked my hand up her thigh only to find Bob had beat me to the prize. We both continued to tease her. She was very, very wet.
    On the ride home she massaged our cocks thru our pants.
    She wondered how she would get his monster inside her.
    At home she ran ahead ripping off her dress. Bob and I entered the bedroom, she was naked save her high heels.
    She was bouncing on the bed like a kid on Christmas morning. She grabbed at Bobs belt unleashing his hard cock. She gasped and looked at me. I nodded.
    She stated in on his big purple cockhead. She took more and more between her lips then she pulled his massive cock deeper. I moved closer to watch.
    He moved his hips then grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. I didn't believe she could take that much cock even tho Id seen her suck others. His big balls were slapping her chin. He growled as his cock spewed down her thoat. Some dripped from her chin but she kept sucking until his limp cock dropped from her lips.

    This is getting a bit long, but there is more if you want to read it

  • Before we were married,when my wife was 22 and I was 25,we used to get high with the neighbour,who was 33.She sometimes did when I wasn't there.She gets uncontrollably horny on weed so I wasn't that shocked when I found out she was fucking him.Pretty soon it became a bit of Friday night fun.We both took turns fucking her or spit roasting her.I loved her sucking me while he fucked her doggy style.Then when he filled her pussy with semen,I loved watching it run out of her,down her leg,then I'd wipe it up with my cock and plunge it in her and fuck her till I came while she cleaned his fat cock for him.He did bring another girl over a few times for me to fuck but it wasn't the same.

  • Sounds like hot times. Would love to hear details.

  • I wish I had stories like that to share

  • I can't get my wife to swing/swap. Last summer the subject came up and she shot the idea down. We were throwing a big party at our place, and a friend of mine was dating a new girl. They were at the stage in their relationship where they fucked all of the time, and asked to borrow our bedroom. I said sure, as long as I could watch. It was somewhat of a joke, but I was surprised when they said "ok."

    My buddy and his girl were fucking in our bed, while I stood back and masturbated. My wife went looking for me and saw me stroking it to my buddy and his gf. My friend asked both of us if we wanted to join them in bed, but my wife was really appalled and had an "eeew" kind of expression. I told her it might be fun, but it offended her. She was also pissed that I was jerking one out. She didn't talk to me for a couple of days. Needless to say, I don't bring up swinging anymore, although I'd love to try it.

  • Too bad it's amazing watching your wife get another guy off. But you cant push it.

  • I too could never get my wife to swap or swing. Given the right atmosphere and right friends she will strip and party naked. How I got her to do that and not swing I will never know.

  • Always loved watching my partner's face while her body is ravaged

  • My wife doesn't like sex like she used to, but when she was young and hot she used to enjoy group sex and gangbangs. The stories she has told me are hot.

  • My wife and I were totally into the swingers scene , we loved the parties , we both have great stories about those days. The reason we quit is my wife eventually ended up being the only woman there. At first it was fine. But it got old quick. So our mutual decision was to quit.

  • We were in the lifestyle from the late 70's to the late 80's. But just kind of lost interest as we got older. But love the memories and wouldn't change a thing.

  • We were in the lifestyle in the 70's & 80's and really enjoyed swapping with other couples. My wife is bi and we had no trouble in finding cpls with bi wives though that was before computers so we had to meet cpls through swinger magazines like select and correspond by mail & phone. And being introduced to other cpls they had met. But we had far more mfm 3-somes which was great as she loves 2 cocks at once and I really got off seeing her in action. We also enjoyed exhibitionism "her" and vouyerism "me". We also liked going to adult theatres & bookstores. But things were very different back then. I'm sure making hook-up's now days is easier but you have more crazies out there as well as aid's etc. Plus back then if we swapped photos with someone it was limited as to who all they might show them to. Now they could post them for the whole world to see. Which in 1979 she had photos in 2 mens amateur photo contest in Gallery & Genissis magazine for the whole world to see. But they used a fake name and her face wasn't easy to see. But as we got older our jobs became more demanding . But we will always cherish our memories of our walk on the

  • I’ve been trying to get mine to for years! I don’t think I will ever get her to, I know she’s had 3ways in the past before us, but now won’t even entertain even the thought of giving another guy a handyjay.

  • Though we really had a great time during our time in the lifestyle and it seemed to bring us closer. We did meet couples where the husband had pushed the wife into it. And it ended up destroying what had been a great marriage. And saw guys loose an amazing lady. So please tread lightly in trying to get your wife to try something she isn't completly interested in.

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