I want some head from a red

I help out a friend of mine at work by giving her daughter a ride to a local train station 1-3 times a week so she can then get on a train to get to school. They pay me a little bit for it, and i don't mind. She's 14, rather tall and thin, is just starting to develop boobs and has all this really thick red hair. She's a chatter, and i listen to her stories about all the homework she has, how she doesn't like this subject or that subject, what she wants to do when she gets older, etc. She's a really cool kid who, for the last 2-2 1/2 months, i've decided i'd really love to take to bed and fuck. I didn't always think this. Over time though, it's built up. She's gotten in the car a couple of times lately with her hair still wet and smelling good and told me, "...i just got out of the shower". Sigh. I like it when she wears her tight jeans because she's got a cute little butt, and i'm an ass man. One day she got in the car and i could tell she was tired. So we get going and just about the first thing she said to me was "i want to go to bed". In a perfect world, i'd of turned the car around and taken her there. I'm 3X older than her, but the thought of her sucking my dick or riding me like she rides that fucking train (every day, 2X a day) keeps me awake at night. I know it's wrong, and i'm generally good with self-control. But i can't deny it. i want to have sex with a 14-year old girl



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  • UPDATE--the red-headed object of my affection was at my work with her family (whom i work with) last week. She came right over to me to say hi and that she hope that her family will need me to drive her to the train station 2-3X a week again this year (which i hope to do). She had on a fairly tight black top, and right away i could see that her boobs were noticably bigger than they were just in june, when her school let out. Nature taking its course and/or a padded bra i guess. She's 15 now, and i feel slightly less pervy about wanting to fuck her young, thin body then i did when she was 14 and i felt the same way. When does school start?

  • Better just smell the car seat and have a wank .

  • Cute.

  • Hope your cock falls off

  • Thank you for your support

  • Lol athletic support

  • Just remember 14 will get you 20😜

  • Yup. I'm not wearing an ankle bracelet for anything. Even under-age pussy.

  • Here's a newsflash scooter, 14 yr old girls do not keep secrets

  • This one is nice and safe with me 😁

  • When I was 14, I would fuck any older guy that gave me any attention.

  • I would give her fourteen year old tight pussy your cock.....

  • Hope you go to jail for it. Or hope the father kills you. I would.

  • Mate, we all want to have a sex a 14 year old but you, you, have a golden opportunity, go and fuck her you licky git

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