Caught wearing panties again

I got caught wearing a thong for a second time. This time, I decided to wear one in a busier place so I decided that it was time to wear one to a department store. This time, I decided to wear my hot pink thong under my jeans. I had been doing some shopping and had all but forgotten about my thong. When I noticed that my shoelaces were untied, I stopped next to a shirt rack and crouched down to tie my shoelaces.

A man was walking up behind me so I scooted closer to the clothes rack out of the way. He slowly walked behind me and felt him bump me as he whistled something I couldn’t identify. I apologized and he stopped right next to me and said, “oh, don’t worry about it. It was my fault ... sweetheart. I really just wanted to get a better view of that sweet ass.”

I felt myself go pale and was frozen in fear and embarrassment. I felt dizzy and grew more nervous when he started getting closer and closer. I looked up at him and he grinned at me. He looked around as he moved some of the shirts on the rack.

A chill ran up my spine when I felt his toes touch my butt then felt a sensation like an electric shock when he snapped my thong with his toes. He started reaching down towards me but I quickly grabbed my bags and quickly walked away.

My heart pounded out of my chest as I thought of what had just happened. I couldn’t stop shaking and made my way to the bathroom. I put my bags near the sink and washed my face. I walked towards the urinal and the thought of what had just happened began getting me aroused. Not only had a man seen me in a thong, he was making comments, and was touching me too.

I stood at the urinal for a few more moments when someone groped my butt from behind. He says, “How about giving me some of that that sweet ass boy.” I identified his voice as soon as he spoke. He was the same man from earlier. My skin burned and ached from when he forcefully pulled my pants down.

He yanked me by my hips and put my hands on the cold wall. My hair hovered just over the urinal cake. My legs shook uncontrollably when I felt his enlarged member leave a string of precum as he rubbed it on my buttcheek. I said, “please, it’s my first time. I’ll go home with you if you stop. I’ll do anything you want.”

He didn’t say a word and only grunted as he ran his member up and down between my buttcheeks, leaving more of his wetness behind. My initial reluctance faded away and I was getting ready to receive him but he instead grinded me a few times and then said, “ok, let’s go.” He groped and slapped my behind, pulled up his shorts, and said, “wash your hands.”

I did as he instructed and he picked up my bags. He grabbed at my hand and stuffed it down his shorts. He made me cup him and I have to admit that I became more aroused. He walked out of the bathroom and I followed closely behind. As if in a trance, I hopped in his car and just asked that he “just take me back to my car by 10 pm.”

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  • They say truth is often stranger than fiction.

  • I can't believe you're all stupid enough to not tell, that this is someone banging out stories to prove they are "writers"

  • Wow! Thanks for the “compliment”

  • The gross people that walk among us

  • Which is why you read the story

  • I agree some folks just do not get the constitution they want to change it to my way or the highway. Just look at how they handle things when they loose an election. Protests everywhere.

  • Fuck off you idiot Trump pie hole eating supporter. Or I’ll fuck you in the ass with no lube. We know where you are and see you everyday.

  • PS Well how was it?

  • I would have to say that it was the best sexual encounter I have ever had! Needless to say, he now knows how to get a hold of me.

  • Have you done it again?

  • I just dared myself to show my panties on a business trip. I did and the next day a guy came by the room. He asked me to strip to my panties and he fucked me. Then I walked him to the door in my panties with his cum soaking though them.
    A surprise but he said that is what i get for wearing panties.

  • Wow! Great job! It almost seems like you get exactly what you are looking for when you do something slutty, right? I bet he wanted some more later

  • Yep, I guess you are right. If I wore and flashed panties I suspect a fucking would be a possibility. And yes he did return late that night. After he was done he pulled me into the hallway wearing just panties and with his cum all over me and had me walk him to the elevator. No one came by but by then I did not seem to care.

  • I enjoy it when I wear stockings and panties and go places were no one cares who I am, they only want me to suck their dicks, or let them fuck me. And I enjoy being satisfied like I was a female. I don’t care what they think or say just so I get to suck or fuck them.

  • I want to do that and am working up the courage. Where do go to show that you are in panties? or How do they know?

  • I got lucky, pun intended. Some people I hear go to adult bookstores but I am not that bold because everyone can (or could) see you.

  • I am traveling next week and plan to bring only panties to wear. That way I cannot chicken out!

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