Cousin sex

I literally just had sex with my cousin and she wasnt pleased with me I only lasted 7 minutes with her her pussy was so wet and hot I came on her stomach she seemed disgusted because of that but I didn't want to come inside her either, she cleaned up and immediately told me to take her home, it took some time but I finally convinced her to have sex with me I really enjoyed it it was what I imagined but she really seemed to hate it, I feel like I just ruined our family relationship im not sure what to do

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  • 12 year old with ragin boners come up with bullshit stories

  • How old is your cousin..

  • If this isn't bullshit, which it probably is but whatever, what the actual fuck is wrong with you? If you had to convince her to have sex with you, that is coersion and in my country would be seen as rape. You have raped your cousin, and that's fucked up.

  • Unfortunately, you are the fucked up loser. rape is it??, it not even a word in my country. Rather, it is a imaginary term used in fairy tales of old when there were these beings known as sexist women. Within of course of a few years they were eradicated by the supremacy of men & their overpowering posture in the life cycle.

  • Give it up bullshiter

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