Thinking about my Ex cheating makes me cum!

My Ex cheated on me years ago with a work mate of mine. Broke us up, It killed me at the time, only months after having a child with her as well. So it hurt like hell for a very long time!!

Anyway years later, completely moved on, no pain looking back anymore at all. I've now found that while building up to an orgasm, be it with my wife or on my own, this just pushes me over the edge!

Thinking about how it happened, like who made the first move? How did he do her? Did he cum in her? How I now wish I was there for sloppy seconds!

Talking of sloppy seconds, I was naive at the time, its only now years later with much more experience. I think she gave me sloppy seconds once, I remember she came back home, it was normal. It didnt happen often of late but she was in the mood for once! Just feeling her pussy, shes really wet, I even commented and she said its because she was so horny!

So I didnt suspect anything, as I pushed my cock in her, it just slid in with ease! No easing it in a bit at a time trying not to hurt her, like I usually had to, it just slid straight in! It felt great! I remember it well. So yes I'm now thinking she did..... The cheating bitch! Now it really makes me cum hard thinking about it!

Shit, I'm rock hard now thinking about this! I'm gotta sort this out!

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  • For me the thought is a turn on only because i wish i could of had been included in my exs sexual promiscuity and been a swinger at the very least instead of just cheated on

  • Years ago I rented my spare room to a friend.My girlfriend at the time would stay at mine alot.Anyway I found out that my friend was banging my girl.Obviously I dumped her and stopped being friends with my buddy but to this day I still think about them fucking behind my back and if I had sloppy seconds and so on.Even while I'm fucking my current girlfriend,I picture her screwing around and it turns me on.

  • Similar story with me. I let an old buddy stay with us, and caught him one day fucking my wife. He was on top of her and she had her legs around his waist, moaning and grunting, trying to push him in farther. I was hid and listened for awhile before I confronted them. She was talking about how they had to hurry because they'd never done it this late, and I could come home any time. He told her not to worry, we've been doing this for weeks and he (meaning me) hasn't caught us yet. I was mad as hell and threw them both out right away. Now it's five years later, and I can look back on it and get off. I'm pretty sure I had a lot of sloppy seconds and creampies too, because my girl was always up for any kind of sex with me whenever I wanted it, even while she was secretly screwing him.

    I'm married to someone else now, and sometimes I get off on thinking about my wife fucking him, although I wouldn't want it to really happen.

  • I still think of my ex after 10 years. Main thing I cum to. She always bragged about her sucking their cock and them fucking her. Miss hearing about it.

  • I think once we men hit our 30s, then the thought of sharing our women definitely gets intriguing. I dated a girl in my early 20s who was an absolute sex maniac - we averaged 20 times a week! And that STILL wasn't enough for her, we broke up when she started banging my best friend on the side. If I had been of this mindset then that I am now, I would've allowed it to continue. I've never met a woman who craves sex as much as she did, and that was nearly 20 years ago now!

  • Last summer on several occasions I would come home early on a Friday and look out the window and see my wife chatting to the neighbour.We had a baby under a year old and my wife breastfed so sometimes she usually had on vests and jeans shorts.Her boobs were incredible,always looked like they were about to rip her top open.On those occasions the neighbour who was a single guy in his late thirties was definitely checking her tits out and when she walked away he checked her ass out.Well our sex life was ok but during her pregnancy I watched alot of porn and still do.Now I think back to last summer and get turned on by the thought of our neighbour fucking my wife,her big boobs wobbling like mad.Fucking hell what a turn on.

  • When I worked nights, I would come home after 12 am. I would walk by my ex wife's car and it would still be hot. Still ticking from cooling down. This would happen a couple times a week. She had a faint odor of cum and was slippery as hell. I enjoyed screwing her when she was like that.

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