Are there any girls who will send panties

I love to sniff lick and rub dirty panties on my cock.

They smell and taste so good it feels so good to come and them.

I have been trying to find someone who will send me a pair of their dirty panties.

I love to taste them discharge that leaks out of the vagina that white discharge taste so good it makes my dick so hard.

If you will please please please please please please please please please please please please !!!!

Send me a pair let me know please respond back.

When you respond please tell me your age race the size of your breast and if your vagina is hairy or shaved.

Also if you could send me a pic of your tits and vagina and ass how it be most grateful I especially love to see big titties and vaginas that are spread open so you can see the inside of the vagina all that pink goodness.

Thank you..
Please email me with pics and I will give you my address where to send the panties

Thank you so much for your time and kindness.

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  • Hit me up my missus loves to have her pics shared.

  • Hi how old is she and she got big titties and she got a nice vagina is it hairy or shaved what kind of panties does she wear have you ever f***** it let me know thank you

  • Fully feel like the long conversation is the same person writing to themselves. Loser.

  • Aol, lol

  • The person that is replying is actually an old Pedo that gets off pretending to be a naughty little girl and exciting some half wit that thinks he will get a 13 year old girlfriend, the fool will never get to see her pussy or boobs because they don't exist

  • OH no please not again.
    This person pretended to be a little girl in Best Dad ever named Sasha a real little slut and lead some goose on for over 1,000 replies.
    Please please not again it is sickening

  • Jr get back to class

  • Im nearly thirteen and how old are you. You could see my vagina and boobs. Im embarassed though. Because i only have training bra and no hair on my vagina. But i want a boyfriend.

  • I'd love to be your boyfriend if you are still looking for one.

  • Please send me some pics thank you

  • Don't be embarrassed about only wearing a training bra that is hot I am getting so horny thinking about that and the fact that your vagina is still bald it's even more hot I can't wait to see you some pictures of you

  • I dont no how too send them and realy it is embarassing. Mom and dad are so stupid and strict and allways ground me and spank me still. I cant wait till im older and leave school. Do you have a girlfriend cause I realy want a boyfriend. Hugs xxxx

  • No I don't have a girlfriend I want one but I am so much older than you I am 18.

    Will you send me a pair of your dirty
    panties .

    Thanks baby.

    I love you.
    Hugs and kisses.


  • You realy be my boyfriend. Im glad and have not got a boyfriend. My mom and dad wont let me and im happy now. I love you and wish we could kiss like real girlfriend and boyfriend. Wish you were here now and kiss and do stuff. My mom and dad are stupid and mom said shes going to spank me later for curseing at her. Its embarassing cause im nearly 13 and they even spank me without out panties. Wish you could touch my vagina and sometimes i put my finger in my vagina. But kind off hurts and think im doing it wrong. Im happy your my boyfriend and love you. Hugs xxxx

  • Hey baby I am glad I'm your boyfriend now too what is your name since we boyfriend and girlfriend we should know each other's names I am Kelly.

    I would love love love love to have a pair of your dirty panties.

    So when I masturbate I could take your dirty panties in about them all over my dick and pretend that it's your actual pussy and then I could come a big wad in your turkey panties.

    I would also love to have some pictures of my girlfriend naked maybe you can figure out how to send me some pictures or maybe you can ask one of your friends at school to help you but I would love to see my little girl naked.

    I really want to see what my other girl looks like naked I really want to see my little girls titties and her little vagina.

    If you send me some pics .

    I will send you one back of my penis that way when you finger yourself you can look at my penis and vagina it's actually going inside your little pussy.

    Thanks baby I love you very much.

    Hugs and kisses.


  • Im glad your my boyfriend and you made me tingley in my vagina. Mom asked me too clean my room and lounge. My names leah and im embarassed because i never had a boyfriend or even kissed before. I wish you were here with me boyfriend and touch me boyfriend. Because i think im doing it wrong and hurts sometimes. I thought you would laufgh when told you im nearly 13 and down even have hair down there and only have training bra. Plus you think my mom and dad are dumb and too strict. Its embarassing when they spank me and im 13 in october and wont even let me leave my panties on. They are realy stupid and wish i was liveing with you boyfriend.

  • Are you going to school today maybe you can find one of your friends and go in the bathroom and take some pictures of your vagina Army

  • You are my girlfriend I want to see your vagina and your tits please I also would love if you could send me a pair of your dirty panties please please please

  • Well you won't see any cunt or titties might get a used oversize pair of granny panties from the old pedo though

  • I'm sorry boyfriend. Mom took my iPad and phone. Hugs xxxx

  • When will you get your iPad and phone back when you get back let me know I love you hugs and kisses

  • Sorry boyfriend and mom and dad said they wont let me have my iPad and phone back for two weeks. Their so stupid and Im glad i have a boyfriend now. I hate them and their too strict. Hugs boyfriend xxx

  • Literally the same person messaging themselves weird as fuck honestly

  • OH how great is that, none of this shit for at least two weeks, fantastic, maybe Kelly will finally wake up about all this crap and the old pedo that is having him on

  • Gee your so stupid aren't you Kelly you are such a half wit even thinking that you have a 13 year old girlfriend who is a naughty little girl.
    Wake up to yourself and go back to pulling yourself off you goose

  • Well I hope she destroy's them you old pedo, piss off

  • No go and get fucked you old pedo your a stupid prick

  • I am 18

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