I cum way too easy

I'm a virgin (male), but I've had a bj. Ever since I started jerking off, I noticed I cum really easy. I can sorta control it when I'm jerking, but a few times in public my clothes or friction has made me cum. It even happened once in a movie, thank god it was dark.

I want to do more with girls but I know I won't last once I get inside them it'll be all over. Is there anything I can do? I want to go to my dr but I'm pretty embarrassed.

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1XSfBxf_W4 would it be awful of me to send a prayer and ask someone to fuck up a harrys wedding day for all the times he was ruining others enjoyment and special day?

  • Buy a the best quality pocket pussy, one with heating and practice till you last longer

  • Masturbate before you meet her, and let she masturbate you too. Then have sex.

  • Just wait for round 2. You will last longer the second time.

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