Sister taught me to masterbate

My older sister taught me how to masterbate. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, she was always grabbing my little pecker and playing with it. One night, she came into my bedroom and woke me up. She climbed into bed with me and grabbed my little cock and started stroking it. It got big and hard and it felt really good. I noticed she was rubbing herself between her legs while she stroked my cock, and I asked her what she was doing. She said it's called masterbation, and that boys and girls can both do it, but brothers and sisters shouldn't do it together so I had to promise not to tell anyone. We played with ourselves and each other nearly every might after that first time. We had some great orgasms together, and progressed to giving each other oral sex, but she never would let me put it in her vagina.

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  • Yet she did not teach you how to spell the word "Masturbate".

  • When I was around eleven my sister had a lot of friends over and they were all out on the lake water skiing with the boat. There must have been a dozen kids at our house, something that would have gotten her grounded for life. I was supposed to be at a friends house for the day and spending the night but his mom got sick so I had to go home. I was watching the fun from the window and she saw me, after everyone left she asked me if I was going to tell our parents. I told her no but I guess she wanted some insurance because she told me to come to her room for a minute. I had masturbated before but had no idea why it felt so good and when we got to her room she turned around and told me to drop my shorts. I stood there staring at her wondering what the hell she was talking about. She then kneeled down and pulled them down herself, it took her less than two minutes to make me orgasm and she sucked it all down throating my little cock without a problem. She looked at me and told me to keep my mouth shut about the party and I would get the same thing often. I never said a word and every so often like once a month she would just walk up to me and tell me to drop my pants then suck me off.

  • Im 17 and have a brother and sister age ten and their twins. I mess with them bought after catching them doing stuff with each other over a month ago on their birthday.

  • How old was your sister?

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