I submit to my dog

Several years ago, I discovered I have strong submissive tendencies. I tried relationships with a couple of Doms but something just wasn't right. About two years ago, I submitted to my dog and ever since I have been his very willing and happy bitch. I spend part of every day on my hands and knees while his instincts drive him over and over to try to breed me. In a way, we're both trapped. The knowledge that I am owned by a dog, that he sees me as his bitch, makes me very excited. I think he can smell or sense my excitement which gets his aroused and triggers his instinct to fuck a bitch in heat. His instinct drives him to fuck me until I'm pregnant with his litter. My submissive nature compels me to submit to him whenever he wants. And knowing I can't get pregnant from him means that I know this will all happen again and again. And knowing that makes me excited. Which gets him aroused. So he wants to fuck. And I submit to his fucking. And so on and so on.

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  • I don't know if I want (or could) to live like that (I'm married with 2 Kids) but your Story is deeply hot!

  • Thank you. It isn't easy to live as a dog's bitch but I've found it intensely rewarding. The best part of my day is when I'm filled with His cock and then with His cum.

  • Good for you wish my wife would fuck our male Great Dane

  • You might not want that. My dog owns me so completely that I have not been interested in a man in a long, long time.

  • One night, he woke me because he wanted to fuck. It was some time between 2 and 3 AM—that's a guess because I didn't really look at the clock.

    We have a large Japanese-style futon on the bedroom floor, which I think of as HIS bed and that he lets me sleep on it. I don't wear anything to bed except a collar and I curl against him for warmth.

    I woke up with him licking my pussy. I hadn't yet come fully awake but even through a sleep-fog, I knew what he wanted. I rolled over onto my knees and raised my ass into the air. He gave me only a few more licks before he mounted me.

    During the time since we first fucked, we've gotten to know each other's bodies VERY well and with only a couple of small adjustments he was inside me and fucking me just like the bitch in heat he thinks me to be.

    It was at THAT point that I really came fully awake. I was proud of myself that even half-asleep I had gotten into position to give him what he wants. In my head, I kept telling myself, 'good little bitch, such a good little bitch, I'm a good little bitch.'

    Once he's pounded me long enough, he was able to push his knot inside me and lock us together, just as he's done countless times, and started filling my pussy with his cum.

    THIS is one part I really love! He doesn't really thrust at this point because we are locked together. His cock is SO warm, almost hot! It pulses and twitches as he cums. It's very intimate and I feel so completely HIS. So totally owned. POSSESSED. At these times, I know to the depth of my being that I am well and truly mated to this dog.

    After he'd finished and pulled out, he licked my pussy and then cleaned his cock. I stayed in position just in case he wanted to fuck again. He trotted out of the room. I figured he was heading outside to relieve himself (there's a dog-door to the back yard). I waited, rubbing my pussy, for his return.

    When he did, I presented my pussy to him again but he just laid down. So I curled up with him and went back to sleep.

  • Any girl who does this snap me amdyc2104

  • Andyc2104. Is the right snap

  • I think this is so hot. I’d love to here how it started for you in detail

  • I want a woman like you. i can come over and you would have your ass in the air and i would take it.

  • Yes would love to have woman like this

  • Think carefully about that. I am no longer interested in men. I belong to my dog.

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