Turned into a little panty wearing cock slutqq

I was 13 years old my cousin was 15 I went over to his house one afternoon as they lived across the street when I got there he was up in his bedroom reading Sex book I didn't know what he was waiting until he asked me if I wanted to read something to but I said okay and he threw a bucket filled with erotic Spurs I was caught off guard but I started to read and every once in a while ago and still over the top of the book and I kept catching him adjusting his cock in his jeans . Then all of a sudden he said I'm done waiting for you want to play cards okay I said we will play poker best out of 5 minutes since we have no money loser does what winner says. I agree we played I lost he told me to lie on my back on his bed he tied my hands to the headboard and when I was helpless he went down I'm peeing my pants and pulled off my pants without underwear text me if I ever felt girls underwear he pulled out a pair of his older sister's panties and pantyhose and put them on me then type my life's where they go for the bed also the rap song my cock through nylons until I was hard took out a camera took pictures of me and told me from that day forward I was just a little cut slit or he would show everybody the pictures and he walked up the side of the bed I'm just his pants is 11 inch cock just fell out of his underwear he walked up the side of the bed got up on the bed straddled my chest and told me exactly how to suck his dick

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