Blushing blowjob Barry

I was giving another guy a blowjob when, suddenly, a group of girls came busting into the room. They were caught off guard by seeing me in full deep throat mode. They immediately started laughing. They guy I was sucking immediately started cumming and he was holding my head against him. I could not pull off and took his huge load of cum. I finally pulled off of his cock with a loud slurp and swallowed hard. The girls laughed hysterically while I turned several shades of embarrassed red.
Those girls tease me all the time now. Ugghhhhh! I am so embarrassed!! I cannot believe this has happened!! Ugghhhhh!!! I am sooo embarrassed!!!

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  • Who cares that they saw you. If you liked doing it keep giving BJs.
    Obvious your friend liked being seen. Might be a fun diversion in the future.

  • I hate the name Barry

  • Barry your still a frigin goose, seek mental health, fuck off no one wants to hear about your filthy antics you dick head

  • What the hell? Lock the door.

  • And then he woke up

  • More like Bullshit Barry. Fuck off douchebag!

  • Jesus Christ *smh*

  • No you’re not.

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