Daddy's little bitch

My two daughters have always been best friends and done everything together. It started with innocent stuff like learning to ride a bike, but they're 17 and 18 now and it's progressed to bigger things like driving, dating, etc.

Before I continue, let me describe to you how they look so you can fully understand the story.

My 17 year old daughter has 32C tits and a small-medium sized ass. She skinny and always goes to the gym with her big sister. She wears glasses but she's still hot as hell. For the sake of the story, we'll call her Margot.

My 18 year old daughter has 36D tits and a medium sized ass. She's also skinny. For the sake of the story, we'll call her Jess.


About two weeks ago, I got home early from work. I was supposed to get off at 10pm but I left around 8 o clock. Anyways, I walk in the house, call my daughter's names but get no response. My wife was at work for another hour or so. I put my stuff down by the door and walk towards my wife and I's bedroom. I stop in front of Margot's bedroom because I can hear noises. I open the door a 3-4 inches to find Margot on the floor fingering herself while facing the other direction and Jess on the bed with a dildo up her sweet little ass. I instantly got hard and slipped my dick out. I started masturbating while Margot moved the fingers farther up her pussy and Jess was sucking on her own tits. A couple days later, I caught them again. came home for lunch and they were in Jess's room and Margot was on the bed, fingers holding her pussy open. Jess was shoving her fist into Margot. This made me more hard than before. I started masturbating again. Jess had now replaced get fist with her tongue and Margot was moaning and screaming. I accidentally got too into masturbating and slipped and pushed the door open. The both looked at me, not embarrassed just surprised. Jess got up and came over (my dick was still hanging out) she started kissing me and I tasted Margot's juices. It was so fucking good. Margot then came over too and pulled Jess away so they could make out. I came up behind Margot and stuck my fingers in her pussy. It went like for another hour. I fingered one while they made out and I stuck my dick in the other. I ate both of them out and they were so good. I have to say Margot tasted better. Jess was better at blow jobs though. Since then, if they wanna fuck (only when my wife isn't home) we'll go into one of their rooms and I'll eat them then kiss them to give them a taste of their juices. I usually eat one and finger the other while one of them sucks my dick or gives be a blow/hand job.


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  • Your dumb ass is getting fired

  • "It went like for another hour."

    Yeah, because older men write like that...

  • You are fake news

  • Not only are you lying but you're a sick fuck.

  • Bullshit

  • Lovely. Another Billy bullshitter.

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