My Sister Doesn't Know

I'm 29 years old. I love teen girls from about 14 up to 16 years old. I had only ever managed to get one 16 year old to fuck me and it was amazing.

Anyway, my sister is 15 and super hot. She does cheerleading at school an dis always keeping herself fit. She wears her outfit several days a week. I caught her about 2 months ago fucking her boyfriend while my parents were out. She doesn't know i saw her, but it was hot.

She had an accident in practice at school and she broke her arm in 2 spots and her collar bone. On the first night my parents stayed at the hospital with her. They called me to come in and stay around for a few hours while they went and got rest. I arrived and was told she had been given morphine and some sleeping tablets to help her sleep through the pain.

Well, her room was fairly private and she was out cold. I checked with a nurse how long she would be out for and was told about 4 or 5 hours. But she said they will check on her shortly and make sure she was fine. It wasn't an hour later the nurse came in and check and did a few tests and left. My parents were not due back for another several hours either.

So, it started by wanting to see her. I lifted the sheets and blanket and she had only a gown on. I lifted it and was so hard at the sight of her white panties and the small frill around the top. I lost it and i closed her room door. Then i pulled the bed curtain across and started my fun. I pulled her panties down slowly and she didn't react at all. Once they were off i was loving it. I stripped and placed my clothes on the bed side chair. At first i just want to wank to her, but since she hadn't stirred i got up on the bed.

15 minutes later i was thrusting into her, pushing myself against the bottom of her pussy. I just forced myself balls deep, my head pressing firmly into her uterus and unloaded so hard in her. It only took me a few minutes to get hard again. I fucked her 3 more times over the next 2 hours. I really made sure i emptied mt balls in her beautiful teen belly. When i was done i checked the draws and found a packet of fresh tampons. I pushed a new one in her, hoping it would trap my loads and stop it from leaking. I was hoping to hide it and make sure no one knew i had cummed in her.

It now 11 weeks later and she has confirmed about 2 weeks ago she is pregnant. She thinks it's her boyfriends, who dumped her when she was in hospital. She has told our father she doesn't believe in abortions and wants to keep it. I am so excited that my sister is having my baby and she doesn't even know it. I really hope she has a girl.


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  • When I was 14 my older sister took it upon herself to teach me the facts of life and boy did she ever.

    Two years passed and she got pregnant by me keeping her secret from our parents and now I have a wonderful two year old daughter who my sister Lynn has kept all this time knowing I am her daughters father.

  • You are fake news

  • Bullshit

  • If there is a DNA test taken to prove BF is the father for child support order your going to be fucked yourself. Think about that Jr.

  • I was 15 when i fucked my 17 year old sister and impregnated her. She was dropped home by a friend and was so drunk that she thought i was her boyfriend. I unloaded in her twice and that was the end of it. 8 years later i have a daughter that my sister still doesn't know i'm father too.

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  • Me too dude

  • Any stories mate. I can share stories with you. We have three daughters..

  • Is there anything better. I can share stories. You want too share...

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