I want to be a great at sucking dicks

I used to have a friend that was a tranny. She could suck dicks better then any sissy I know. But somewhere down the line we lost touch. But I want to learn to suck dicks like she could. Boy, she could really suck a dick!! She only had to go down on you one time and you would expload. I want to learn to suck like that. I probably need lots of practice, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make other guys feel the way she used to make me feel. If I could to that I would have so many male friends I wouldn’t know what to do. So that’s my goal for 2018, to become the best cocksucker ever. I better get to work.

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  • Find a gay club.

    Join it.

  • I’ve always said it pays to have a gay friend. You never know when you’ll need a blowjob

  • I like a man who is ambitious and sets goals. Just remember that you haven't failed unless you quit trying!

  • Yeah, as stated in the earlier post, suck a lot of dicks.

    I learned to deep throat through practice. Breath through your nose. Get the dick nice and sloppy and wet with your spit so it is slippery. When you feel the head of the cock at the back of your throat, swallow. The head should enter your throat. Slowly keep at it and eventually your gag reflex will relent.

    Remember too, every guy is different, so just ask how they like it sucked.

  • That's a Hell of a quest you're on.
    Best of luck with your goals

  • Just suck a lot of dicks.

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