I love dirty underwear

Are there any moms or dads out there with young daughters.

I am going to get right to the point I am trying to find any mom's or Dad's to send me a pair of their daughter's dirty panties I love to sniff and lick their dirty panties especially little Hello Kitty panties or frozen panties or any kind of Disney panties or any panties with cute little patterns or cartoon panties

I am not in the mood to play any games I just want to get some dirty panties.

If you will send me some let me know and I will give you my address.

Thank you



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  • I know we come here to read stories and fantasy’s, but whe it comes to SICK FUCKS like you, you should be burned in HELL. Kids are off limits you SICK FUCK.

  • Some men like to wank into dirty knickers

  • Our girls have little orgasams. Youngest has dry orgasams and eldest two just squirt a tiny little bit.......

  • Mmmmm nice please send me some pictures of their pusseys

  • Please send me some pictures please I'm begging you I know you said you won't do it but please I'll do anything I would love to see their little faginas and bucks and your oldest tits please please please please please please I will do anything anything anything I'll even send you money just name it

  • You will only see them in your mind. I will share any stories you want with you though and tell you in detail. What each off them look like and what each off them like daddy doing too them. I can honestley say im the luckiest man on earth too have three sexy daughters. Who love their daddys attention. If you were family like a brother you could see and watch even as my wife and i spank our girls. I have no brothers or sisters. But my wife has two sisters and a brother and they often seeing our girls getting spanked bare bottom and even just after their baths. So their naked as day they were born and cant help but notice my brother in law. Stare at our daughters little bald pussys and tight asses and chests. We have witnessed their kids getting spanked also in diffrent states off dresse and naked. Have you any kids yourself and any stories...

  • Hi hot please tell me more stories I love it

  • Our middle daughter answerd my wife back again this morning and my wife lifted her school skirt and spanked her over her panties about half dozen times. With promise off a spanking after school and before bed. So i will get too spank her at bedtime and know she will want daddy too rubb her little ass and put cream on her and make her feel better. My wifes on sleep over tomorrow night and look forword too playing with our little sexy girls. Will share what happens later after my wife spanks our daughter after school...

  • Disgusting cunt !!!!!

  • You saying preteen girls are not sexy. We have three daughters under thirteen and see them naked all the time. Watch each off them masterbateing. They have not got a single hair on their pussy and love daddy playing with them...

  • That is so hot how old are they if you could please send me a picture of them naked and maybe some pictures of their vaginas close up also love to have a pair of each men out their underwear please let me know thanks

  • You there. Im just going too see our eldest girl now. Our youngest are in bed over hour ago. Our eldest was sitting on my knee in lounge in her nightie and no panties. Just sent her too brush her teeth and go too bed and wait for daddy. Shes a tease and lifted up her nightie and stuck her bum out at me. I could not resist giveing her a good smack on her bottom and causeing her too yelp. Going in now too play with her and she loves it allmost as much as me........

  • Wont send pictures. But they are the sweetest ever. Their ages i said above. 9, 11 and allmost 13. Our oldest is just after getting her first training bra. Her little tits are know bigger than boiled eggs and shes as hairless as our two youngest. Shes got a sweet bubble butt. Our two youngest are allmost flat chested with tight little butts. Our three girls pussys are so tight and taste and feel amazeing. I love cumming inside each off them. Im after starting too lube our eldest rectrum and going too take her butt cherrie this evening. My wife does sleep overs and i get too have fun with my three sexy daughters. Have you any children...

  • Disgusting prick you need to be castrated

  • Why is that. When all young girls can experience such pleasures from their daddys...

  • I’m so tired of the “dirty panties” posts. I’m starting to think it’s all one guy, AND he’s the guy “with daughters”... I think this asshole is trolling himself

  • What a real dope you are think of it your a goose I really would like to put a boot or two right into your cod's
    Incidentely just in case I change my mind and am in the area what was your address or contact details I might have some nice panties for you ?

  • Find me in girls panties at same place most times. Put my cumm iin preteen and teen girls panties and know my cumm is next too their pussys..

  • Mental case !!!

  • Nope but still have that Bullet for you

  • Yummy...

  • Got any

  • Yes my three daughters..

  • Will you send me some pice of there dirty panties.

  • You have been told by more than a few people you pedo troll to STFU about your daughters

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