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I've recently been introduced to my girlfriends daughter; 4 years old with a body to die for. She's cute, fun and happy to be around. I've seen her play in her bedroom only wearing underwear and has invited me to go and play as well. I couldn't stop stearing at her body and I've wanted to touch and play my own game with her (if you know what I mean). Has anybody else been in my situation?



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  • My girlfriends 5 year old daughter likes to sit with her legs straddling my leg and my knee between her legs. Then she rocks back and forth grinding her clit against my knee, I like to help her out and hold her around the waist and guide her while pushing my knee up into her pussy and clit. One morning she came in the living room and sat on my knee, she was wearing a
    nightgown without any panties on. I could feel her labia squished against my knee, I saw the bottle of hand lotion on the coffee table so I grabbed it, stopped her and put it all over the top of my knee. Then put my hands back on her hips and pushed my knee up into her pussy. She started to masturbate on me again now she could really slide her pussy around my knee, she was really enjoying herself and I was to.

  • U lucky man let her grind on ya bulge next time

  • Not exactly. When I was a 15 or 16 year teen, my mother's friend a few doors down the street asked me to babysit her 4 year old little girl for a few hours, including helping her bathe. The girl knew she was safe with me as I had bathed her a couple times prior when sitting for the lady the previous year. I had examined the little girl thoroughly when drying her at her mother's request so I knew that was it. It was 1970 or 71 & everyone was happy unlike today where everyone has issues so it was an acutely great & totally different mindset. Now, given the comparatively hostile environment to cope with, many need outlets for their venting, regardless of how corrupt. I find it a blessing to have the capacity to objectively & comprehensively differentiate between the mindset of the two eras. Man everything was so much easier then.

  • I find 4 year old girls so sexy, preteen's as well... Beautiful

  • You need castrating you jerk

  • There's only one way to cure a pedophile, and that is with death. I hope you find a cure for yourself very soon.

  • There yummy......

  • Wait till their nine and older...

  • What happens when there older?

  • Their ready for pleasure after nine.......

  • Ooh really? Have you ever been with a 9 year old?

  • I hope this girls father catches you drooling over her and beats you to within an inch of your life.

  • I hope he joins me

  • If I were him, I would join you. Girls need to learn respect for a man and how to keep him happy when they're young. The earlier the better & who better from than their father.

  • I completely agree! Do you have daughters?

  • You're a sick piece of shit

  • 1of-man-molesting-a-child-an-he-posted-online-share-till-cooperate-is-fish-out/ video is hot asf get her to do tht to you

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  • Your a sick fuck

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