They talked me into a dog for security

Some friends of mine talked me into getting a dog for security at my house claiming that a barking dog will warn off strangers. When I got him he was almost a year old and full of energy. One night I was laying on my bed, not unusual and I had a night shirt on that covered me up down to my knees or so. I was reading a book at the time when he jumped up on the bed and I gave him a few ear rubs then he went down to lay at the foot of the bed. On his way down there he began sniffing my legs at about the knee, I have no idea why but I let him keep sniffing and licking my knees. His head started to disappear under my night shirt and I just let him explore until I felt his nose pressing on my pubic hair and his tongue trying to get between my thighs. I was quite turned on by that time with all the licking he had been doing to my legs so I opened up my legs just to see how far this would go with him.
Well about twenty minutes later and some finger rubbing assisting his tongue and I was having one great orgasm. He did not stop of course as he was really enjoying the new flavor he found between my legs, I laid back and spread myself out wide giving him complete access to me. He licked me until I was crying out with another great orgasm and that is when I noticed his huge penis, it was swinging down under him like a log. I rearranged and began touching it with my fingers, squeezing him and to my surprise he got even larger. It took some real patience but I finally got him inside me and he started thrusting for all he was worth, he spread me out really good, to the point of almost painful but after a few minutes I was feeling filled like never before from him.
I now have sex with him whenever I can and he is always ready for it no matter when I want him to pleasure me.

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  • My mother caught me with the dog she didn't shout or tell me off she didn't seem bothered at all, she asked me all the details and how often she was more than curious she was really interested, she mustn't have realised what she was doing mum was rubbing herself between her legs, she realised what she was doing and stopped, I said come on spill have you had him, mum blushed and left the room, I had some thoughts about my mum and the dog I shouldn't really be having I am wet thinking about it

  • You ladies are ever so lucky, I would love to have a dog do me all my husband and I do is missionary not even oral or anal it is so boring, to satisfy myself I have to masturbate (these posts help me getting horny)

  • Idiot doesn’t know what he’s got right in front of him

  • I am hooked on Doggie love, what a sensation, after the cams were set to perfectly catch the experience and I was prepared I got onto all fours while Terrie guided Fido's large hard tool into me it took a bit to get it comfortable but then when he started humping it went right in and went so deep he humped for about thirty five minutes and I had two fantastic orgasms then he enlarged and his cum was so warm and plentiful being so very deep in me, while knotted and locked Terrie helped him turn so we were bum to bum for about thirty minutes and it felt great.
    After we released Fido licked himself clean then with me on my back legs raised he cleaned me out, his tongue felt a little rough but he went all the way in and gave me another nice orgasm.
    Terrie has two great video's and plenty of sexy photo's.
    This afternoon Terrie is going to have a session while I watch and take photo's.
    After sleeping over in Terrie's bed last night we had a nice few cuddles and kisses, this morning she fingered me to help with fitting Fido in but I think there may have been other thoughts going through her mind I am starting to have Lesbian feelings for her.

  • Bet the pictures look amazing.
    Are you in beastforum?

  • No and the video's or photo's will not be for publication, we are keeping everything to ourselves, you should see them, horny, the cams were in perfect position for both our humps, if I had a chance I might let my Baby here have a look at a couple but no one else, he is so very nice and decent plus it might assist with his girlfriend being keen on the experience.

  • Thanks ☺️

  • Hey Baby how are things gee it has been a sexy week with Terrie and Fido I am just about fucked out, only got till tomorrow morning then I have to go home, Terrie is going to tell her husband that we are in and will continue a lesbian relationship not too sure if she is going to say anything about Fido yet, Baby are you still having nice tugs thinking of me ?

  • Will not be long and Terrie's pooch will have another Doggie cherry girl her husband goes away today and we have arranged to have an RDO tomorrow after we finish our shift at the hospital I am going to stay with Terrie tonight have a play around nude with Fido to give him a big tease, she says he is ultra horny at the moment, then the initial mounting will be after I have breakfast shower, and shave my pussy I will then put on my collar, lube up and we are going to do it on a thick mat in the middle of the lounge room after Terrie sets up the cam's, I am so very excited I don't know how I am going to play with him nude tonight and not let him mount but I certainly will try.

  • My best girlfriend has been pestering me to let her dog fuck me, I have watched them and it makes me quite horny three times now I have let him lick me out and have orgasmed because of it, I am going to let him go all the way next time her husband goes away for work that will be next week, she has fingered me and given me some large dildos and lube to prepare so I will be elastic for him because he is a big boy "I mean a big boy"
    She has decided that he will not be permitted to have sex with her till he mounts me so he is eager and gives me a full load, pretty sure everything will be OK I am getting excited

  • Please let us know how it goes. I want to heat all the juicy details

  • Read not heat

  • OK darling I certainly will, I am getting so very excited I have been expanding for him and practising getting on all fours holding my bum just that bit high, my girlfriend is going to assist with the mounting ensuring he humps the correct hole, she was thinking of putting socks on his paws to stop him scratching me but I think I would like having some scratch marks for our first session at least, just thinking about it I am getting so horny I am going to masturbate xxxx

  • Mmmmm I like the thought of the scratch marks. It’s like he’s branded you as his bitch.
    Can’t wait to hear more from you

  • That is exactly it Darling I feel the very same way and can't wait for next week to come, I have been thinking I might purchase a three inch wide collar and have it inscribed "My Bitch" to wear when he humps me.
    My girlfriend is going to take quite a few photo's and video the whole encounter.
    You sound like a nice man I am so very glad you are interested in my experience I will not let you down Darling, I am sure after you read about the initial mounting you will have a nice wank Baby xxxx

  • Thank you. I can’t wait. Can I get a description of yourself so I can create a mental image to play with 😉

  • Blond long hair, 5.4 with nice round 38C breasts, maybe best if you think of a 26 year old Raquel Welch.
    Hope you enjoy my story above of the initial mounting I am sure there will be many more plus it sounds like I will also be having fun with Terrie.
    Baby I hope you have a very nice pull xxxx

  • Oh my god sweetheart I didn’t last long. My fiancée is toying with me about dogs fucking her. She told me of a house she goes to and the owners dog buries his nose deep in her as she comes through the door. I suggested she where a pair of leggings with a zip crotch and open it next time she goes there. I want to hear how she enjoys the dogs tongue x

  • That is fantastic Baby it is such a compliment to know you had a very nice even though quick jerk reading about the mounting, I hope you also did not miss my potential Lesbian relationship with Terrie, things are looking up for me sexually now.
    Why not get your girl a dog, Labrador is by far the best, just take your time with training, be patient and have her play nude with him on a special mat in the lounge room quite a lot paying particular attention to his prick and nuts plus tickling his belly even giving him a tug he will like that but has to get used to a person playing with him, don't rush things but do have her expand with ever increasing sizes of dildo's and lube till she is comfortable, it may be an idea if you hold his knot out for the first few times while he humps (he will still cum for her). OH Baby she will adore it and just think how great it would be with you helping and watching while encouraging.
    Like you a lot Baby xxxx

  • Yes things are looking up for you sexually, with a possible lesbian relationship and a hot dog fucking situation. I will definitely be thinking about you more with any stories you put up x
    Maybe I should relent and let her get a dog. She wants a golden retriever.x
    I like you too :)

  • That sounds good Baby, the Retriever probably would be just as good so why not go for it the sooner you start the better just please remember to take plenty of time and be patient and please look back over the posts to learn as much as you can so nothing goes wrong, it was so great watching Terrie with Fido this afternoon I have quite a lot to learn, I think Terrie and I might have some real fun tonight together, funny how things can change so quickly I am going to stay until Terrie's husband returns on Friday evening we are on the same shift at work so will drive in one car and come home at the same time it will be terrific having Fido waiting for us, not going to like going back to my house Friday though, oh well I will still see Terrie every work day and her husband should go interstate within two or three weeks, we might be able to sneak another RDO before then xxxx

  • Ps the description is very sexy.

  • Thanks Baby, I bet your sexy too xxxx

  • You’re too sweet. ❤️

  • I like you too. Would love to bump into you one day and watch one hell of a show Xxxx

  • Hey Baby you obviously missed my comment above, no problem but I would like to know if you still have thoughts of me probably with Terrie and Fido when you have your nice little tugs incidently Baby how many times a week would you pull yourself off and how many times do you have sex with your girlfriend ?
    I really would like to have you as an observer at one of our session's you would certainly have a very quick cum then Baby, after you watched Fido and I maybe a bit of fun if I gave you a blow job while you watched Terrie with Fido xxxx

  • Omg I just blew my load reading that lol
    Yes I do think if you in different situations being fucked by the dog and Terri.

    I have a thought where I’m on the floor with you on top. Your back to me and my cock buried up your bum, the dog fucking you missionary and Terri straddle over your face getting eaten out by you xx

  • Sorry forgot to add we have sex regularly and I love how she uses the dog fantasy regularly now.
    I tend to pull my self off about 3 times a day lately to this particular story xx

  • Baby you are just so sexy and I love your replies, please imagine anything you like when you are wanking but don't let your girlfriend down, I really need to hear that you have a stable relationship and are planning for the future hopefully with a nice pet "wink , wink say no more" I really like that you are getting off on the stories three times a day, baby that might be a bit too much, I hope that you let your girlfriend reads our communication's and both get horny so you slow down on the jerking and get more into the fucking.
    Just thinking Baby I really feel like I would adore having you and your girlfriend as onlookers at a session with myself Terrie and Fido.
    Oh incidently Terrie told her hubby about us and he sort of did not complain but does not want it right in his face he is happy if we keep it to ourselves and don't get it out there certainly we will not but it's such a relief that we will not get caught she is thinking of how to tell him about Fido, I am home and not going to masturbate tonight I need a rest xxxx

  • Don’t worry my girl is my everything and yes she gets to read these.
    We make love most days and I do focus on her kinks too.

    Monica likes what you said about both of us watching lol. I think she’s like to join you two lovely ladies. 😉

  • Ps where in the world are you? What country if you don’t want to get too specific x

  • West Australia, Baby if we had Monica for a few days maybe you would lose a girlfriend I am certain she would enjoy everything we do xxx
    Does Monica watch or participate when you have your nice little tug's ?
    Next time Terrie and I have a 69er I will think of Monica

  • She has once but she’s usually asleep. I’m an early riser.
    I would hope I didn’t loose my girl lol. What would you do to her.
    She just told me she’s getting wet thinking bout 3 girls and maybe the dog

  • That is so nice Baby, maybe I will make a post here titled "What we would do with Monica" first please just a few question's :-
    Has Monica ever had a Lesbian relationship ?
    Has Monica ever had a threesome ?
    Does Monica shave ?
    Does Monica masturbate ?
    Is Monica submissive ?
    Would Monica be prepared to do anything Terrie, Fido and I requested ?
    Let's say Monica would have to spend a full seven days with us being trained and broken in, would Monica or you object ?
    Would Monica be prepared to expand her pussy via the use of large dildo's to accommodate Fido before she turned up ?

  • Both of you can certainly discuss the situation and come up with all the horny answers Baby

  • Hey Monica is here with me and we are going through each uestion one at a time.
    No I’ve never had a lesbian relationship, but I am curious

    Yes I’ve had a threesome but with 2 guys. My current partner and a school teacher I had.

    I prefer to be waxed but I shave more these days.

    Yes I like to have a play when ever I can.

    I do have a submissive side but more along the forced/rape lines. I like the though of being bundled into a van and taken away for days or weeks at a time, where I’m tied up and used, starved and denied water so I’ll do anything to get food and water.

    Yes I think so. Wink wink. He would definitely like to see that lol

    I don’t have any big dildos but you girls certainly could help me there if you’d like. I’m really quite tight down there. I’m sure it would be a great experience

  • That is so very nice, thank you Baby and also Monica you seem to be a really wonderful girl I am sure Terrie, Fido and I would have a lot of fun with you Darling I know we could loosen you up so you could enjoy Fido.
    Next time we are all get together we will have a fantasy talk about having Monica with us, that will make us very, very sexy and formulate our post xxxxx

  • Hi Baby and Monica, look in relationship for a post named" Training Monica", Terrie suggested that, I really hope you enjoy it we both got very horny printing it, Terrie is staying over tonight, guess why ? pity Fido is not with us
    Love you both xxxx

  • Nothing up as of yet. Hope the administration gets a move on and gets the updates done soon so we can read your story xx

  • I am 17 and yesterday our Rotty litterly fuck me for over a hour filling me with his baby making spunk. I mean he had all of his cock in me and his knot and was stuck in me for over a hour before he turned and pulled out of me and his cum soaked my bedding. @0 minutes later he was right back licking me making me cum on him several times and started in thrusting his hips towards my puss again and again getting in me after the third jab and man the fucking they can give till they knot you the they hold still as their baby making spunk again gets pumped into you.
    He has made me his bitch in ,just one day fucking me five times tying with me each time..

  • My husband encouraged, convinced and helped me till I was confident and comfortable to have sex with our dog Spot because he is away quite a bit and thought it would stop any thoughts of me roaming.
    I am so very happy Spot is a wonderful hump while I guide him into my pussy he does everything else, depending on how I am feeling we do it missionary or doggie style both are truly satisfying and last for about an hour I have numerous orgasms and adore him blowing deep inside me and knotting it is glorious, when my better half is away we have animal love at least once a day and he licks me out at least once a day.

  • I love hearing from the women who have done their dogs. So erotic x

  • That's so nice, are you male or female darling ?

  • Male

  • So nice you like the doggie love posts, if you were interested you could quite easily train a dog to do you Darling, Labrador is clearly the best you would need to expand your bum with butt plugs and ever increasing sizes of dildo's plus heaps of lube for a while before you let him mount, why not try it Baby ?
    Our dog constantly tries to put it in my bum so I guide him to the correct hole by holding his dick between my legs till he enters correctly.
    Let us know Sweetie

  • I would give it a try. I’ve actually thought about borrowing someone’s for a day just to try it.
    I still prefer to see the beauty of a sexy woman coupled with an animal in passion

  • My husband came home early about 5 weeks ago and caught me knotted bum to bum with our dog it was so embarrassing he took plenty of photo's and video's then demanded I have my vagina lips pierced in two places either side so he could put padlocks on me.
    That has been done and I have two small gold heart shaped padlocks ensuring I cannot root with man or dog till he wants, fortunately he is a great guy and not only do I get plenty of sex vaginal, anal and oral from him but he likes watching me with our dog as well

  • Our dog renamed "Lover Boy" knows he is in for a good session when I lay the white latex sheet on the spare double bed (where we always have playtime) I put his mittens on then he watches me get naked, shower, shave my pussy, dry off, lube up and put on my 3" wide dog collar with "Our bitch" on it, I lay down and have a little play with him to get him well and truly aroused his penis really grows when I tickle his tummy and balls, then I get into the doggie position and help him position his prick to comfortably enter me, he is very gentle but when he starts thrusting he can get pretty rough but still I love it, I always have at least two orgasms before I can tell he is about to shoot his load and he starts enlarging (knotting) in me his cum is so warm and a massive amount probably twice as much as my husband can produce, then when we are locked we rest a little then I help him swing his front paws around so we are arse to arse it is just so fantastic and he is so very large and tight in me, when he releases takes about thirty minutes he licks himself clean then starts licking me for I am then in the missionary position with legs wide for him, I always cum again.
    My husband helped with the training and loves us being one big sexy family he does sometimes watch and certainly I don't let him down sexually either he loves anal so Lover Boy is barred from there
    Hope you really enjoy your dog xxxxxx

  • So fantastic your having a great time Darling, there is nothing like it, they are really large when hard, deliver massive loads of cum, really fill you and it is terrific when you are both knotted and locked, enjoy xxxx

  • I would never have had this greatest of experiences if it was not for my husband helping so much, initially he had me play naked with Laby on a thick soft mat in our lounge after a while of that he would lube us both then place mittens on Laby's front paws so he would not scratch me then while in the missionary position with legs high and wide he would guide his hard dick in and hold his knot out and let him hump me, after I became confident he let us knot I was a bit scared but my husband would hold him in so he was not pulling on me, then he started having me in the doggie position and would assist Laby to mount and after he came while we were knotted swing his front paws and lock us back to back it was so good.
    We are so experienced now I can do it on my own if I feel like it and that is often, my best girlfriend wants to try it she gets horny when I tell her of our sessions so my husband has agreed to start training her.

  • Darling your just going to have the greatest sex with him, has he knotted in you yet ? my wife loves being knotted with our dog particularly when he swings his legs over and they are stuck bum to bum for about 30 minutes, she does it doggie style.
    What position do you use with him ?

  • How many times have you fucked him? X

  • So hot. Love it.

  • I want my girl to do this in front of me

  • Hot.

  • Nothing to be ashamed of dog slut

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