I babysat a couples two daughters, one was the age of three and the other six. I had to give them a bath, the six year old undressed and her body was absolutely gorgeous, I would never ever react to this but just watching her beautiful child body sit in the bath becoming wet and soapy was just amazing. I could feel getting harder and stiff inside my pants.



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  • You nasty piece of shit

  • I am cat sitting and the smell of the boxes is outrageous. the owners rarely seem to clean the boxes, I mean she could even try to clean them twice a week instead of being so lazy.

  • Your a fucking nonce!!! I hope that you get proper sliced for that little quip.

  • Cheers dude

  • You have a problem. Stay away from children.

  • Societies are better when people like you stay inside and keep the fuck away from children. You're disgusting.

  • Sweet. I have three daughters...

  • Someone needs to turn your disgusting butt in. I hope you get everything you have earned a bullet right between your eyes. That would be beautiful.

  • Can I babysit them?

  • I knew fuck tard would be posting about his 3 daughters

  • There yummy......

  • Like them from 8 too 16 years old...

  • Yes, those are good ages!

  • I Like them from 8 too 16 years old... Younger are awesome as well

  • 8-12 best age

  • Lol

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