I love to smell panties

I love to smell lick and play with young girls dirty panties.

I love to shoot my big wad of cum in them.

If there are any moms or dads who have young daughters and will send me a pair of their dirty panties please let me know.

I really really really love to turn the panties inside out take the crotch and rub it on the head of my penis and then shoot my big wad in them.

And then I take the panties and put them crotch first in my mouth I love the way I cum taste mixed with there pussy discharge.

If anyone out there can you send me a pair of their daughter's dirty panties please let me know..

When you respond please let me know your daughter's age race and the size of her tits and if her pussy is shaved or hairy.

Thank you so much.



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  • Your just a jerk, fuck off

  • Our daughters are 9,11 and allmost 13...

  • I wish I could come over to your house watch them masturbate and then squirt and with the little pussy is clean

  • You would love them. Their the sweetest girls ever and got realy sexy bodys...

  • Really again with your 3 daughter?!

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