I love to smell panties

Hi I was wondering if there are any mom's or dad's got there with Yoni daughters.

I love love love love love love love love to Snuff lick and play with young girls dirty panties .

I especially rubbing them on my big dick when I masturbate and filling them with cum .

I don't have any money I am disabled and I live off SSI and a little bit of money I do get close to rent and food.

If you could please send me a pair of your daughter's dirty panties please respond back.

When you respond please tell me your daughter's age race what she looks like how Big her tits are and if her pussy is bald or hairy.

Thank you so much I really really really appreciate it God bless.


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  • CLICK..... BOOM.....Bullet in your head you sick pervert

  • Oh yes that’s a special delivery

  • Someone should deliver a bullet to your head.

  • Fuck off and get mental criminal hospitalization.

  • So let's see if I understand the OP. He is a worthless no future perv of a bum living off us working people. Have I got that right?

  • I have three daughters and will share some stories with you...

  • I'd like to hear ur stories hit me up some time johnnylivings94@gmail.com

  • Shut up you perv father all the time about your thing for your 3 daughters.

  • At least a father will be gentle with his little girls...

  • VOMIT.

  • Cool.

  • Are you there. Our three daughters are in school. Our daughters have sweet sexy bodys and just shot my load in each off their panties and as said. Our two eldest 11 and allmost 13 have some sweet little discharge in them and youngest has just as sweet little panties also...

  • Their 9,11 and allmost 13. Even our eldest daughter has not got a single hair on her pussy. Shes just got her first training bra and her little boobs are about size off boiled eggs with little pink nipples. Our youngest two are allmost flat chestted with the sweetest little nipples also and tiny asses. Our eldest has a realy cute bubble butt and my wife and i and our girls walk around house naked most off the time. We visit nudist resorts at least twice a year and its my favourite place in the world. My wife and i also use spanking as part off discipline on our daughters. I will admit that my cock gets so hard when im spanking my daughters or watching my wife spank then. Our eldest i have noticed is starting too press her little pussy into my knee when spanking her. I have seeing each off them masterbateing and our youngest will lie on sofa in lounge and just finger herself openley. I love their bald pussys and clits with pink little folds and there panties taste and smell amazeing. More so the older two as theres sometimes little discharge in them...

  • Please send me. Some pics. Of. There. Pusseys and a pair of their pantes I will pay you for a pair of each one of their pantes

  • I'd Love to see all three! Your girls sound hot

  • You there. They are sweet girls with sexy little bodys. My wifes on over night shift tonight. I had too spank our eldest daughter this evening. But put cream on her little bubble butt after i put her too bed. Her bald pussy was little damp...

  • It's good to see that my tax dollars are going to keep sick people like you alive, and by "good", I mean a fucking disgrace. You are sick, dude, you should seek help, or just do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the fucking head.

  • Yes I’ll donate the bullet

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