My slut wife

So I'm still at work the other day. It was a long day. I get a text and it's from my wife. She normally doesn't text me while I'm at work.

It says, "How long do you have to work?" I say, "Couple more hours. Why?" She says, "Cause I'm fixing to get naked. Your dick is needed." I said, "Where do you want it?" She says, "My mouth? My pussy? My ass? All three?" I say, "All three? At once? Don't think I can be all three places at one time." She says, "You and two of your friends. Done, done and done." I said, "Like a foursome?" She said, "More like a gang bang. Just a lot of dick in anywhere it will go. So what do you think?" I said, "What if I don't wanna share?" She said, "I'll say this in plain English. Your dick isn't enough. Is Darien there?" I said, "Yep." She said, "I want him. At our house. In me. I want his big black dick. Now." I said, "What if he isn't big?" She said, "It is." I said, "Not all black guys are big." She said, "Darien is." I said, "How can you be so sure?" She said, "Because I've fucked him. A few times."

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  • She is so game but good on her for being honest

  • Mannnnn, this is perfect!

  • Never happened. I guarantee the husband came home and made her do it

  • Welp. You're a cuck now.

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