Super Horny Black Guy

All my life I've been super horny, I consider myself to be straight but I've had some weird thoughts lately. A while back in Philly, I got a rimjob from a beautiful foreign girl, after that I've been craving a rimjob ever since. I'm always horny and can't help myself, not to the point of doing something stupid but I just want that feeling again. I know I need help.

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  • I am female... I will rimjob my "Daddy" anytime he wants. Daddy gets what Daddy wants. He likes his cock sucked most of he gets his cock sucked most of all. But he need only tell me what to do and I happily comply.

  • He's so lucky lol

  • Your gay

  • You need to try getting a rim job.

  • Buy a dog and put some peanut butter on your ass and let your dog give you a rimjob, make sure that you have enough you’ll love it and also make sure that it’s creamy not chunky.

  • Fuck no

  • Why do you need help? Getting rimmed feels awesome.

    Most girls won't do it, but find a sub gay guy and he will suck your dick and eat your ass. You do not have to do anything in return, a lot of gays get off on that.

  • Hmm. I run my husband and stick my tongue in his ass all the time. Poor guys out there.

  • Wow that’s cool you need to write about it

  • Your husband is a lucky guy lol

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