Lets cum in my wife!

We have been together for several years, and for the last two we both enjoy sex when she is double penetrated. We use a decent size vibrator as we have many, and I get off fucking her like this, whilst also telling her that I want to see her get fucked by a small group of men - bareback of course - and to take turns in cuming inside her. Its so wrong but feels so right!

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  • Nothing sexier than seeing penetrated every way possible

  • Try swinging with another married couple. That is how the wife and I started out. We have a small group of couples that are drug and disease free. its the best of both worlds. You can watch you wife getting screwed while you are screwing someone else wife. We all do each others wife bareback. The cool thing is one the guys might stop over my house start making out with my wife then fuck her in front of me. Every guy in the group knows my wife will fuck them if there wife is not putting out or if the wife has her period. Right now our group consist of nine couples and three single guys. The wife has fucked all of them. Good luck.

  • Sounds like you got an awesome thing going! TBH love to get a small group going, but for me its all about fucking the mrs. Thats what its all about!

  • Regular excitement included!

  • Where can couples go to find a respectful guy to bring into the bedroom with them? My wife and I are trying to find a guy like that, one who isn't also banging 30 other women from the same site. She'd like it to be a guy who regularly takes her out on dates, regularly stays the night with us, etc... So I feel your pain!

  • Just read your story and I would love to be that guy I have not been with a woman in almost a year not because anything is wrong I’ve just been very picky and I would love to be the guy to take your wife out on a date and spend the night sometime but I live in America Florida and you live in the UK

  • Where do you live.

  • In the UK

  • Do you ever share her with a friend?

  • Understandably, we are concerned that it could sour our relationship with any of our friends, for a whole host of reasons - so we are reluctant to push such an experience. Plus there has never been a situation where there was the potential to share her with a friend or friends. We prefer to develop new friendships extra curricular so to speak

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