I was sleeping one of the two times I let a gay guy suck me off..

I was at one of the local bars near closing and needed a ride home so my buddy got this older guy that had a car bring me home. Well on the way the guy said he had alot of booze at his place, so the true alcoholic I used to be I thought- why not, Ill go with em and drink his liquor. Well after drinking as much as I could, I ended up passing out on his couch.. Not having any idea he might be gay, imagine my surprise when I woke up with this guy pulling my pants down! Im straight so I was reluctant to even acknowledge what he was doing to me. Having a rock hard cock like unusual when I wake up, especially when Im drunk made me wonder if It was somehow my fault too. My only perceivable option was to let this gay guy have his way with my cock and then pretend it never happened, right? Well It ended up being one of the best blow jobs I ever got- and Ive had my share. At first I was embarrassed that I came in another dudes mouth but after a few days without anyone saying anything I figured I was in the clear and dude must be discrete.. Well I ended up being out drunk again a few weeks later and the same guy asked me if I needed a ride again, so in my mind I was going to his place to drink his booze and ended up passing out on his couch again- but was wide awake when he knelt down beside the couch and once again started to pull down my pants.. as I said earlier I kinda had made peace with the fact that I enjoyed a gay guy blowing me, mostly I think because I was so surprised how easy it was to let go and really get into it knowing how much this gay guy must LOVE sucking my cum out of my standing straight up dick. So in a sense it was way better than when girls suck it because minuse the two girls that used to pay me to suck it, you never can completely believe she isn't hating it. So what do you all think of my "open-mind?? lol I have a couple of other never would I tell secrets I would love to confess if anyone thinks the way I do- hit me up for a live chat!!

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  • You'll probably end up like me the third time we got high together and he ended up fucking my ass five times that night. God I was so sore for days afterwards from him for he was quite a bit bigger than me and a whole lot thicker. Now all I dream about is him fucking me again and again.

  • You are clearly a closet fag. Very soon, if you haven't already, you will be bent over with a huge load of cum dripping out of your ass. Drop the "I'm straight" act, and embrace your gayness.

  • "Gay for pay", and your payment is free booze.

  • Nice way of thinking. A great free blow job? No harm no foul. Dude wants to suck some dick and you have one that needs to be sucked. Let's talk

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