I want to have sex with a bit of change in it

I have two kids and a diligent, faithful husband who cares deeply about me and the kids.

he can be annoying, but he tries everything to make me happy.

just one problem...we're not that good at sex.
it's always the same ritual.

i try to do some roleplaying for a change, but he says he doesn't really like it.

i started to do some pelvic exercises to make him feel good, plus im trying to lose some weight.

i ask him to put some more affection and time when we're cuddling, but it doesn't work and he just goes straight to "down there" and starts thrusting away.

after all that, i feel like we did it but without any romantic stuff, and it just makes me sad... .

how can i improve our sex life?

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  • Let me know if you want to rp online

  • I am 38, stay at home Mom, curvy I could lose 30 pounds but enjoy my life. It may not be for every woman and you did not say if you worked also. If you both work that can make it tougher for romantic love making but set aside a date night at least 2 times a month, maybe even stay at a hotel.
    I have a little bit different approach when it comes to sex, my thinking is that men need to orgasm daily, they do not need romance, hugging, cuddling they need to orgasm. I make that happen for him daily and in return I have been cuddled when he gets home from work and later on when we go to bed. I have found that if I am extremely attentive to his needs then he never says no to what ever I want like kissing, cuddling, snuggling and all that stuff.
    But you may not have the time and energy for that if you work as well so try the date night thing and rent a nice hotel room.

  • Relationships take work and thatsork requires effort and communication.

  • Ok, i'll start by starting a simple conversation.

  • Try doing whatever originally sparked sexually between you two

  • Hmm, ok.

  • Share fantasies with each other - the kind where you can say anything you want and neither of you holds it against the other. Tell him you'd like to see him with another woman, he might confess that he's thought of you with another man. See if this ignites his drive!

  • Woah! haven't thought about that!

  • Have sex with someone who listens, and actually cares about your pleasure.

  • Um...i dont know about that.
    i want to have sex with my husband, not someone else :/

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