I think about fucking my step dad a lot

I'm 16 (seventeen in March) and my step dad is 38. Whenever I see him, I have so many dirty thoughts. I'm pretty sure he wants it to because last week, I had just gotten out of the shower and he accidentally came in and when he saw me naked, his eyes went huge and he kinda bit his lip. He just said sorry and left. I stayed in the bathroom and masturbated to the thought of him seeing me naked. Then, a couple days ago, I caught him watching porn and masturbating. I watched for a couple minutes. I really want to. Should I? Please help!


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  • Mine would come over Staying the night and slept in my bed at night we would talk before actually falling asleep. I would wear boxer then take them off and have the covers down while we talked. I would jack off her eyes glued to my cock she would just smile and lose track of what she was saying. It was funny then I would tell her she so cute she made my dick big and hard. She would just giggle and say she loved me I never did anything else just that.

  • Message later if you like. My wifes on sleep over in work and plan on haveing some fun...

  • How old was she when you would jerk off in front off her...

  • About 6

  • My daughter would come over on weekend she was 11 years old she was always skinny. She was still very skinny other than her ass was now very round and bubbled I had noticed. I joked to her saying nice big butt you got she smiled and winked saying thanks. That night she showered and sat next to me watching TV cuddling wearing my t shirt like always for bed. She put her hand on my shorts gripping my cock saying you got a big dick. I was surprised not only her gripping my cock but also saying I got a big cock. I was turned on and horny she had move her hand but was still smiling I instantly was getting hard. I pulled my shorts down freeing my cock sayin you need a big cock sexy. She giggled I put her hand on my cock she was feeling it and started giving me a hand job. She was a natural with a firm grip with both hands by now my hands hand worked off her shirt and painted. She had already started puberty she had a tiny patch of pubic hair I started licking her clit. I shoved my finger inside her while eating her out till she cam her little body quivering in my arms. After that as soon as her mom left when she dropped her off my daughter ran to my room stripping naked excited to mess around. Less then 6 month we was having sex and every sexual thing possible we would do before her 13 birthday. She’s in her 20’s and we still find time to mess around I’m married now and she is as well. We have been able to find time and keep our secret my exwife knows we messed around. She came over when my to pick her up and we was in my bed naked sleeping coiled together. She glared and I thought she was going to blow up she told our daughter she needed to get dressed because they had to go to the store. A few days later my ex said Ashley is to old to be sleeping in bed with you. I said ok then she said your lucky she’s on the pill cumming inside her

  • I was so caught off guard and thinking she had reported me to the cops I didn’t saying anything. She told me she likes having sex with you don’t lie about it I already know she said. I said I’m sorry she smirked and said you could have at least wore a condom. Again I could think of how to respond she then said I’m not going to tell it would ruin our lives. She said other things obviously our daughter spilled the beans as she had to many details. Well if I tell her she can’t come over she will hate me and take it out on me. I said it would stop she rolled her eyes and said you two already did it you can’t take that away by stopping. Again I didn’t know what she expected me to say or what to say and was silent. She then said we better make sure she stays on the pill and not get caught.

  • I bet her little preteen pussy was tight. Our girls are still completley bald on their pussys and eldest just got her first training bra. Her tits are about size off golf balls with little nipples and a firm little bubble butt. Our younges are allmost flat chestest with tiny asses and sweet nipples. Love cumming in them as not even our oldest girl has had her periods yet. Can i ask you copil off ?s. Have yous ever spanked your daughter. My widfe and i use spanking as part off discipline. I admit it makes me hard too being spanking our daughters bare bottoms or too even watch my wife spank them...

  • I'd love to see them sexy baby girls of yours

  • Are you there...

  • They are adoreable little things. Our eldest got spanked little earlier by my wife. For answering back and refuseing too get in car too go too mall. My wife gave her a good spanking and could not stop getting hard as she kicked her little legs like crazy and could see her little pussy and clit. My wifes on over night later in work and going too have some fun with my little dolls...

  • Your oldest is ready for your cock at 13 yrs old it’s plenty big enough they sound very sexy. My daughter got smart mouth allot and she was about 7 yrs old I stripped her naked. Then told her to go to the bedroom she stayed weekend so I didn’t have a room for her so it was my bedroom. I just sat out side the room for awhile then went inside and lectured her. I started to get hard then I got naked and started jacking off while lecturing her with my cock in her face. I kept having it slap across her face she leaned back and I got between her legs resting my cock over her pussy rubbing it back and forth while lecturing her. I made her sleep naked holding her on me with her pussy straddled over my cock gripping her ass. I dry humped her imagining we was having sex I did that allot for a couple years then felt guilty. Guess that desire build back up later lol

  • Message me later if you like. My wifes on sleep over in work and plan on haveing some fun...

  • Wow and your on button. When we spank our eldest i notice her little bare pussy gets kind off damp and presses her groin on my lap. Bet your little girl was cutest ever standing naked and waiting too be spanked by daddy. What did she look like and was she moaning as you dry humped her and held her tiny ass...

  • I can share stories. I have three daughters ages 9,11 and allmost 13...

  • Yummie ages

  • Thank you. Their amazeing and so innocent as you know...

  • Yeah but they also have that natural desire

  • Our two oldest. Have little orgasams and youngest will lie in lounge and play with herself and not care in world. My wife and i have know problem with nudity as we were going too nudists resorts even before our girls were born and still walk around at home naked alot as do our girls..

  • My step dad caught me at a very vulnerable time, a time when I thought I was fat, and he convinced me I wasn't. When we finally hugged I could feel the raging hard on he had, and that's when it happened. We used to fuck all the time, I'd change my work schedule to be around him, secret date nights. Plenty of times that I've cried myself to sleep cause it was so wrong. Even when I moved out, dad would be getting texts from me naked and getting dressed everyday. Up until the night before my wedding was the last time we had sex. He still gets his daily text from me. It's been 6yrs now, and I've never been closer to him

  • Maybe you were fat.

  • 130 lbs isn't fat, but thanks

  • Actually, it is, especially if you’re shorter than 5’10”

  • 130 isn't fat. I'm 120 and 5'4. It just depends on how your weight is distributed

  • 5’4” and 120 is a bit chunky. You need to be 110. Now go work off that weight like a good gurl.

  • Fuck you asshole

  • Fuck you and leave the girl alone...

  • Look for her height and weight she is chunky. Not fat but a chub. More to grab onto

  • Dont listen too this moron hun. Message me if you want and i have three daughters and would love you too be my daughter...

  • Depends. Most secrets don’t stay secret. If you want to ruin your relationship with your mother, the woman who gave birth to you, then go for it.

  • I really wanted to sleep with my stepdad to, he's pretty hot. He told me multiple times that he wants to have sex with me, and we've slept together in the same bed. The reason why we haven't done anything is because I was snooping through his medicine cabinet and found out he has herpes.😢

  • If you had skin contact you could have it too now

  • What do you mean? What type of skin contact?

  • If you slept in the same bed and had skin on skin contact you may have already caught it. You don’t have to have sex to catch it. If the virus is active and shedding of his skin and you touch it, you may get it. Now go fuck him and get it over with

  • At this point I might as well

  • Don't do it. Your chances of getting herpes are slim, if you don't. If you have sex, and the herpes is active, your chance is contracting the disease is very great. The infected skin must make skin to skin contact. Your mouth and uterus especially are very vulnerable.

    Don't do it. Go elsewhere. For the sake of your mental well being.

  • WHAT ?

  • When we were sleeping in the same bed last night, I got naked and let him fuck me.

  • Good!!!!

  • It’s too late. She is infected

  • Good girl.

  • Omg get checked out. Omg your mom probably has it too

  • Oh my god 😂

  • Lol it's made for some really awkward moments, he thought we were still going to wind up sleeping together. And when he asked why we weren't, I said cuz you're old.😂

  • And it's wrong . And he has an terrible disease. Twice as bad in females.

  • Wow 😂😂

  • My stepdaughter and I have had similar things happen to us (each of us "catching" the other masturbating for example) growing up. When she was in high school, she and I would usually be the only ones awake in the morning - so I would take a shower and "accidentally" leave the door open a bit so she could watch (and believe me, she did watch, as I could see the shadow of her standing in the hallway). She's 21 now and we STILL haven't done anything together (yes, she still lives at home). Just yesterday, she left a finger vibe out on her bed, knowing I needed to take care of something with the furnace (you have to go through her bedroom in the basement to get to the furnace room). You have no idea how badly I'd love to see her using it! Why can't we just be open and honest with each other about what we want? It'd be so convenient for us to "go there" with each other!

    Tell me, do you ever feel guilty about thinking of him this way, knowing he's married to your mom? I wonder if this is what is holding her back.

  • I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I do, but it's pretty obvious that he wants the same thing and honestly she doesn't pay much attention to him anyways

  • Should definitely try and let us all know what happens looking forward to it

  • I'm suprised no one is hating yet lol thanks guys

  • I wish you were one off my daughters baby girl...

  • You definitely should.

  • That’s one of my desires

  • Go for it sweetheart...

  • Soon as you are legal go for it

  • I would never while I'm under age

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