Answered the door with a hard on

When I was in college, I rented a room on the second floor of a house with several other girls and boys. There was a shared bathroom and the end of the hall. It was warm weather, and I was usually naked in my room. I started walking down the hallway to the bathroom naked carrying my towel. I noticed most of the others started doing that too. Most of the guys went down nude, and the girls went topless, but most of them kept their little panties on. Eventually, almost all of them were walking around nude.
One warm Saturday afternoon, I was in my room, sitting on the floor naked smoking a joint. As I got relaxed, I started playing with my dick. Soon it was standing straight up and hard as hell. I slowly stroked it amazing in how beautiful it looked. It was at this point of full throbbing erection, that I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Without thinking, I walked over and opened the door wide, my erection in full view. At the door, was a young man that I hardly knew. We knew each other enough to say hi, but that was about it. How he knew where I lived, I am not sure.
Anyway, here he was at my door looking at my hard dick. I turned, showing him my bare ass, and walked back into the room, inviting him in. I asked him if i should put on some clothes, and he said no, I have already seen you naked. He walked over and sat on my bed, I sat on the floor in front of him, still naked, and rolled another one. Finishing that, he placed a hand on my thigh. I open my legs a bit more, and soon that hand was on my penis fondling in a gentle way. Presently it grew big again, and he started stroking me energetically. Then he bent down and started sucking on it. It felt fantastic. Soon, his clothes were off, his hard dick was out, and we found ourselves 69, ing on the bed. It felt great to suck and be sucked.
We played like this for awhile, both bringing each other to cum a couple of times. We ended up meeting like this frequently and ended up hanging around with each other, but did not appear gay. Just two guys who like to suck each others cock. It was sad when he moved away and we lost touch.

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