I live very close to a popular dogging area, this kind of sexual activity fascinates me and I’m so wanting to join in.
I’ve read on the Internet the dos and don’ts but never manage to actually put it into practice.
I’m not worried about my body or bits just wanting to hear from someone that knows what really goes on.
Has anyone here been dogging, if so any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You have to be careful about where you do it. My bf and I liked to have sex in a park where people sometimes go dogging. I never let other guys fuck me (worried about disease), but I do like fucking in front of crowds while guys jerk off. It's a thrill to see guys get off from watching. It makes me feel sexy. But one time I was fucking in the back of our pickup truck in the parking lot and one of the guys watching was someone from work. He told everyone in the office, and now people look down on me. You also have to watch out for people wanting to film you with their phones. You have to be aware of the environment, or vids of you might end up on the internet.

  • What did the people in the office think about the guy watching you having sex in the pickup?

  • I went with an ex in my early twenties, we went a few times to start with just for people to watch us. He loved it.

    After a while though he wanted more and so we started with me wanking guys off, then it was them being allowed to touch me. Then it progressed until he was watching me be screwed. This was fine the first two times, but the third time only this really old guy turned up with a massively thick cock. I was really into it n got my brains absolutely fucked out of me, my bf couldnt deal or get over it. Sadly we split within two weeks.

    Although i did manage to find the old guy again a few weeks later haha. ;) Still friends

  • Did it with a gf years ago as a dare.She sucked me off and these nonces stood outside the car wanking.They tried opening the doors,but we locked them.I stepped it up a notch,got her on top and she rode me then I fucked her doggystyle over back seat.Do's and Don't.Hmm always keep the car locked unless you're ok with total strangers fucking your girl or you.

  • I think it was different 15 years ago. Back then you could find an honest good time. Now everyone wants to be in a porno.

  • If you know the do’s and don’ts, and you’re respectful to any boundaries set, you should be fine.

  • Are you man or woman? In UK or USA?

  • I want you to be a little cautious. We finally decided to try it . We live in California. Anyway I'm not a big tough guy and once it started I couldn't stop everyone from using my wife. All I could do was beg them to stop and they wouldn't. We're never going to do it again. Went from kinky fun to a nightmare very fast.

  • My husband kept upping the ante on me. I hadn’t really planned on doing more than letting people watch. He opened the window while I was blowing him and let a guy start touching me. I guess it really turned him on because he reached over and opened the door. The guy pulled my legs out and started fucking me. I thought my husband might do something but he just held my head on his dick. The guy came in me and another guy took his place. I took three loads from strangers before we left.

  • Me and my girlfriend have sex out doors on occasions because we know we are being dogged it enhances our sexual pleasure specially if they are taking phots we always get naked to show everything, I try to make it last as long as possible the more I hold it the bigger my orgasm I literally burst inside her cunt

  • I think this was the entire reason reason for us coming to the UK. You should try it, just go. Follow others. I had no idea what was happening but I took home enough cum to get pregnant.

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