Was her comment about my cock ?

I'm a 46 year old husband and father of a 19 year old daughter . Saturday morning I woke with a raging morning wood I took a piss and it went down some before I walked into our family room nude. To my surprise my wife and daughter was watching t.v on the sofa . Our daughter is never up that early on Saturday I had been seen so I picked up a blanket and sat in my recliner and covered up . We tried to get my wife to cook some breakfast but she had not been shopping so she said she would go pickup breakfast from a restaurant got ready and left . My daughter and I watched t.v and talked about her college when out of nowhere she says I see you been using the new razor I bought you for Christmas . I said yes it's great I love it shaves close . Later I thought was she commenting on my fresh shaven pubic area ?

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  • She likes the look of your shaved dick that is a very personnel comment about your private parts, there is only one reason she says something like that she wants your dick wake up man a n decide if you want the ultimate taboo

  • Ok I am 23 F and live in Washington state in the good ole USA and I was raised in a nudist family and for a long time it took my husband to get over his hang up's about being nude in our own home even in front of our neighbors.

    My heritage is Finnish my husband is a good ole Sweed. We haven't started in on a family as of yet for we want to get our home payed for before we start and get some of the things in order so we can relax and spend our time with our young ones when we have them. The way things are going we will start on having a family in four more years keeping my fingers crossed that nothing comes up before then.

    There is nothing wrong with being nude, I am very comfortable with my body and at times I love showing myself off. My husband on the other hand is a bit more reserved about being nude in front of other women and will wear shorts a lot when we have company.

    We have our own pool below ground and hot tub in our back yard and clothing is not a option in either. We have parties about 6 times a year and usually around 30 guests and most of them are nudist as well. The last party was Super Bowl Sunday and we invited 27 people even our new neighbors who happen to be Black but they informed us they wouldn't be attending because they had heard about us being nudist and to be quite frankly they couldn't handle it but later their 18 year old son asked if he could come but asked if he could wear some clothes and we said yes he was more than welcome.

  • She wants you, so take her.....

  • She might have been trying to let you know she didn’t mind seeing you nude. Also today guys and girls shave and trim that area she might have been complementing your grooming. My wife went to a sex toy part and got this shaving cream stuff and wanted me to shave her pubes. I never knew this shaving thing is a new fade or what ever. Sex is so different today I never talked about sex with my parent but I’m 48 yrs old and left my wife to talk to my daughter about sex stuff. My daughter and even my friends teens and young adults talk openly about sex. I don’t comment about it not that I’m offended by it just how my generation is. My wife like to talk about it I’m ok alone with her other than that I go on here lol.

  • Hey garbage man, how did it feel the first time you rubbed one out thinking of your own daughter? I hope it felt as fucking horrible as all the stuff you imagined was. Fuck off.

  • Trolling everywhere here

  • Fuck off.

  • Why would a sexy 19 year old want a old 46 year old shaved cock ?

  • Lots of 19 year olds like an older man for comfort and love, then they meet a guy their age and get married. What’s the big deal?

  • Or, as in my case, the inverse of that [30_ish & 62] where the dame claims she prefers me [spelled mine] to her spouse[s]

  • Ask her to shave you when your in the bath

  • Wow, she obviously wanted some of that...how did you not pick up on that? Mom's gone...freshly shaven...tasty, no?

  • It's your daughter, you fucking pug, think nothing of it. Fucking sick pig.

  • Yes, I think it was. Why else would she make remark like that?

  • Probably your face? And why walk around naked when you have a kid at home you fucking nonce

  • There is nothing wrong with being naked. You must be from the backwards thinking USA on the subj of nudity.

  • I agree and we have three daughters age 9, 11 and allmost 13 and my wife and i and three daughters walk around house naked. Love looking at their little naked bodys and its natural...

  • You and your wife are sick paedos. Hopefully your i.p address will be traced and social services will be at your door shortly.

  • You are the only perverted, corrupt loser here. Naked is natural. I bet you don't even have a circumcised penis either sickfuck.

  • Its natural...

  • Wow, you hit every post with your three young daughters don't you. They don't stand a chance of a normal life do they?

  • Nothing wrong with being naked around family...

  • True, if more family members were naked around each other then nudity wouldn't be such a big deal. The more secretive people make it, then the more the deprived want to have it. My God, we're all basically the same aren't we? Males have the same parts, females have the same parts. Why hide it? You don't have to make it sexual, it's what we are. Let your young children grow up knowing what the human body looks like and they will be much better adjusted when they are adults.

  • For the past 11 years ever since we move to our current home we are nudist inside our home and we have friends that are nudist as well and we're very comfortable being nude in their presents.
    We have two teen daughters and they're nudist as well. They grew up in our nudist environment and think nothing of being nude before us and we them, That's part of being nudist being comfortable with yourself and others.

  • Did you ever get erection in front off your daughters. We have three daughters as i said above and we all as family also walk around naked and find it hard too not get an erection...

  • Glad too hare and my wife and i are same around our three daughters...

  • My wife and i have allwsys done it and still do. Our three daughters also are comfortable walking around naked also..

  • You could invite me over for dinner, and then I could walk around your house naked and slap your little daughters upside the head with my dick. Would that be okay?

  • Don't think so your dick is so small it would be difficult to see anytime maybe the shaving opened your groin so she could see the little head

  • That's exactly correct. Nobody could probably see the little tree because of the forest before.

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