I have this sick fetish i love stories of men pedos molesting young girls and pretending im the young girl in the story when i was 11 i would fantasize about grown men fucking me i always wanted my dad or one of his friends to molest me and make me a lil dick hungry slut any guys have personal stories to share about the young lil slut you touched or more please tell me



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  • Hi my angel. Its your daddy here and hope you find this. Could not find you in last post my love. Huggs from daddy..

  • No, but I have stories about being touched, does that count?

  • I am not the one who post this publication but i am curious to hear your stories .

  • Just fantazies...

  • Are you there sweetheart..

  • Did you like it sweetheart and how old were you...

  • Are you there. I have amazeing experiences and i would love too know you when you were a little girl of 8 or so sweetheart..

  • I think I have the same thing .

  • Whats your desires...

  • I am an adult but I would like it if I was touched by an adult when I was a kid . And I want to give pleasure to a little boy .

  • I would loved too have known you back then. Would you have liked me playing with your preteen hairless pussy sweetheart.

  • I would have touched your little preteen pussy sweetheart and giveing you so much pleasure. I would have fingerd and licked your bald little pussy and put my cock slowley in your tight bald pussy and sucked your little nipples and breast buds. I would have stripped you naked sweetheart and took lots off pictures off you. Little preteen boys are beautifull naked also sweetheart.

  • You are lucky because when i was a kid i was a cute , preety little girl and i would like it if a kind adult touched me .

  • You there sweetheart....

  • I would have touched your preteen pussy sweetheart. Are you there..

  • I am here .
    I am not a little girl anymore i am in my early 20s but you can imagine i am a little girl .
    I wish i was a little girl anyway .
    If you want i will tell you how i was look when i was little .
    I had brown long hair , my hair touched my butt , i said that to explain how long they were .
    I had eyes the same color with honey .
    I was curvy but not fat .
    I had a cute angelic face with red cheeks .
    I was more white than now and i had more soft hairless body .
    When i was little i liked my vagina too , it was so tight and hairless and innocent .

  • You there sweetheart...

  • You there sweetheart.......

  • Wow sweetheart and you sounded adoreable and you still are. I would have told you how pretty you are and ticeld you and felt your little body through your clothes at first. Then would have said would you like too feel better sweetheart and would off took off all your clothes slowley till you were nude and i would have ran my hands all over your lets say nine year old preteen hairless body and lay you on your bed. I would have licked and fingerd your tight hairless pussy and stuck my tounge in your preteen pussy and lick your nine year old pink folds and clit sweetheart as i rubbed yout flat chest and little erect nipples and would have gentley and slowley put my cock in your little wet hairless preteen pussy and shot my load in you sweetheard. Then one day i would have lubed my cock and your tiny rectrum and took your little butt cherrie also my sweetheart..

  • I would liked it ! And you would be my daddy then . A daddy who take care of me and give me pleasure . I would love you more than my parents . That's true because my parents smacked me but when i was with you , you would made me feel better !

  • I would have loved you more than anything sweetheart and you would have being my little princess. I would have giveing you all the pleasure you wanted princess. You could have slept in your daddys bed and i would have rubbed your bald preteen pussy sweetheart and fingerd you princess. My cock would have being in your little bare pussy and i would have filled you with daddys cock and cumm in you sweetheart and you would feel nice pleasure princess. I would have sucked and licked your preteen nipples and little breast buds. I would have had you naked most off the time princess and played with you. I also would have took lots off pictures off you princess in diffrent poses with you spreading your legs and pulling your bald preteen pussy lips open and showing me your little pink folds and preteen clit and some with you in your school uniform princess and stripping for your daddy. I know you might be mad at me princess. But if you were realy naughtie im sorry but i would have too spank your bare bottom princess. But would have rubbed cream on your bottom afterwords sweetheart. I was engaged too my last girlfriend and were together allmost ten years. She had two daughters and we split up allmost a year ago and i use too spank them also as did their mommy and it allways made me hard. Their fourteen and twelve now and i spanked them up toi last few months before we split up. Love your daddy...

  • When i was 9 years old i was sexually experiment i kissed and licked her chest and she kissed and licked chest , we were playing the doctor , and i was passive child , and i liked to feel pleasure because i was masturbating a lot untl my vagina hurt .

  • How old was your cousin and i would have put cream on and inside your bald vagina too make it better princess.....

  • I mean i had sexually experiment with my cousin

  • Were you sweetheart....

  • Are you mad at daddy sweetheart....

  • Are you mad at your daddy now sweetheart and i would have only spanked you when your naughtie sweetheart....

  • I am not mad don't worry . My cousin was the same age as me . We were 7 or 8 year old .

  • I would liked it to put your cream insind me daddy !

  • I would loved too have fingerd you back then sweetheart and stuck my cock in your tight hairless pussy my darling...

  • I have alot off stories and would have touched your bald little pussy sweetheart....

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