Husband made me into a whore

My husband and I have a strange sex life, I think it’s strange anyway. When we first met me I was with his friend before we started talking. When we started dating he would ask me for details about how his friend and I had sex, he wanted to know everything about every guy I had been with before him. It was hot and it would turn me on to think about my past sexual experiences so I went along with it.

While we were dating he asked me to call my ex (his friend) over and tell him to come have sex with me. I was to act like I was cheating on him and that he was sneaking in for sex and wasn’t to tell anyone about it, but in reality my husband (then boyfriend) would be in my closet watching us. This was in the late 90s and he would use a camcorder to record me having sex with my ex. Then the ex would leave and my husband (boyfriend then) would come out and we would have sex. We did this with two other guys as well. It was fun for me to have sex freely with my exes or his other friends pretending it was behind his back. Each time he would want for me to do anything they wanted to do, including oral vaginal and anal. I would do anything they wanted and then when they left my husband (boyfriend) and I would have great sex. It was weird but a huge turn on and super hot.
When we got married it slowed down. We no longer did the closet, which I liked because I knew he was watching and that turned me on. It as different. He just outright offered me to his best friend soon after we married. We were hanging out and drinking and he pulled my top down and asked him if he liked my boobs. Of course he said yes and he asked if we would like to have sex with each other, and we ended up having a three some that first time. After that his best friend at the time would come over to hang out and it always ended in a quickie or BJ or threesome with the friend. That guy moved out of state and we haven’t seen him in years.
I thought it was all over with for the sex with other guys which I was fine with, my husband is really all that I need, it’s just a huge turn on to have him watch me and to have sex with other guys.
He always encouraged me to dress sexy, slutty even. He always wanted me to flash my nipples or butt or pussy by wearing short dresses or skirts or plunging necklines with no bra. I was always a little uncomfortable being nearly naked in public but it was such a rush and turn on that I got used to it and would find myself wanting to show more skin and be more daring.
There were three other guys that I had sex with one time each, on different occasions on vacations that my husband set up for me. I liked those times but it was strange having sex with strangers, the other guys were all exes or friends but these three were guys we met on vacation, each was fun and super hot and sexy but not really what I prefer.
He has always called me a slut, whore, cum slut, f—-doll, and other names during sex which I get turned on by. I like being his slut, I will have sex with whoever he tells me to, it is a huge turn on for both of us.
This past weekend we were on a weekend trip before going back to work Tuesday. He was talking dirty to me in the hotel room before we went out, about how sexy I looked and how he could see my nipples through my dress, and how sexy my legs looked. During dinner he told me to go to the bathroom and take off my panties and to walk back with them in my hand and put them into his coat pocket after I sit down but to make sure to give him a good glimpse of my pussy when I sat. I did it, it was sexy and these are typical things we do in public on vacation. We went to the dance club at the hotel and he told me to go out and dance with other guys, again typical vacation things we do. He came up to me on the dance flirt with a man, this man was really tall he said he was six foot six, and really handsome, really hot, about 25 years old. I am 40 by the way. My husband said that this man was going to be my date for the rest of the night and that I should have a good time with him. He introduced us and he whispered in my ear “you’re my dirty whore aren’t you?” I said yes, and he said “I’m going to share my whore tonight, make us both happy” I said okay. I danced with the guy for a while and we sat and talked. Dancing he went right for feeling me up and grinding on me. When we sat down he put his hand on my thigh and was squeezing my thigh and feeling me up and going in for kisses. I had been drinking a bit and he was really hot and my husband wanted this so I went with it. When he put his finger inside me while we were making out at the bar I said let’s go to the room. We three went up to our room and when we got there my husband sat down and me and the man started making out. He was direct and asked for me to undress, then he asked for me to unzip him and give him head, then he put me on my back and spread my legs and we had sex. He flipped me over and picked me up and was using me like a rag doll which I really liked. I am 5 foot two and 120 pounds so this huge guy could really do anything he wanted physically with me. He had a big one too. When he finished I laid in the bed completely spent. The guy got dressed and talked with my husband and then he toook out his wallet and paid him $40 and left.
My husband said “you’re my cheap whore. I always called you a whore but you were just a slut. Now you really are a whore. A cheap whore that will have sex with a stranger for $40.”
It made me feel angry. I felt so much shame and hurt and horny. It is a weird feeling to be shamed and humiliated and so turned on by it. When he left and after my husband told me that he wanted to have sex, and I said no at first. But he keep calling me his cheap whore and I really did want I have sex with him because I was so turned on, so we had really hot sex.
I asked him to never ever do that again. He agreed, but like he said I did it, he pimped me out for $40, I really am his cheap dirty whore. A real whore, not just his slutty wife, but a real cheap whore. It’s a turn on and we have been talking about it since it happened, and it’s a huge turn on. It’s just weird. I am a whore, like for real, a cheap $40 whore. My husband’s whore.

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  • I tried to get my wife to fuck other men and she said no. Sounds to me like you want to be a whore, unless he put a gun to your head or beat you shitless for not doing it.

  • I don't know if you can actually call yourself a prostitute. Your husband added a little extra reality to your play, he took the 40 bucks but everything else was the same. You fuck other men for your husband, you get off on it and so does he. you may be a willing "Slut" or "Whore" in your play but you are not an actual prostitute.

    If you were to do this regularly to make money then you'd be a prostitute. until then you're just a dirty, slutty whore and I wish I knew you two.

  • If you liked all these things you did with him all this years. you will start liking the new thing too. its just about time.

  • I know I really love a pretty sluts that use there bodies for fun and pleasure.

  • All women are whores. Some do it outright for money, some do it for a place to live and food on the table. At least your husband knows how to make a few dollars off of his whore.

  • Some women have high paying jobs, own a condo, live alone, pay their own bills, and take hot little boy toy's out for dinner, and get the tab.

  • Exactly right, just like all men pay for sex maybe not outright but in the form of dinner ,drinks going out to movies. Its all with the hopes of fucking her by the end of the night. At least hiring a prostitute you know getting laid is a sure

  • Well, I hope your husband at least gave you the $40.

  • Ha! Actually he didn’t! I feel really guilty about all of it. Here I thought that young guy was into me but really he just paid $40 to get off on me. I feel humiliated, but it’s a huuuuuge turn on.

  • Whores get paid, woman. Your husband made himself into a pimp, but unless you get your share of the money, you still are not a whore, more like a sex slave.

    Plus, it does not mean the young guy was not into you, you danced together and everything. It's just the way things ended up.

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