Wife has given me permission to sleep with other women...but...

We're in our late 20s, together about 9 years, with a 2 year old child. I became fairly real after the birth of our child, although it probably started around the 2 year point. I've tried a lot: couple therapy, Nothing has helped.

I think we're at the 1 month point of no sex. We usually have sex about twice a month lately. The sex (regular sex without oral, different positions or whatever) is actually decent for both of us when it happens.

I'm basically hoping that something will change things eventually, and don't want to give up, but am out of things to do.

My wife recently told me that I am free to sleep with other women if I want and that she wouldn't hold it against me. I'd love to start having regular sex again, but I'm not sure it's a good idea.

Pros that I can see: * Sex, blowjobs, sensuality, general erotic times. I've slept with other women in the past, we weren't our firsts, but I would definitely enjoy real sex again. * Perhaps less pressure/happiness in our relationship could improve things * She has suggested that she might be turned on by the idea (it's unclear if she's just saying this to encourage me, but if true, maybe something like this could nudge us in the right direction). Years ago, back when we had lots of sex, we had discussed threesomes, sex clubs, and other similar ideas (at her initiation), so I suppose it's possible.

Cons: * Can't take it back and it could irrevocably damage our relationship * Might reduce motivation to try to make it work in our relationship.

Ultimately, I'd like have sex with my wife again! I still feel like I love her, I'm still attracted to her, and we used to at some point have great sex. If it made it harder to fix our relationship, then I wouldn't want to do this period, despite how much I would probably enjoy it.

But she wants me to allow her to fuck the handsome 3 guys thus live next to my house ????? IDK what to do !!!


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  • Your relationship is over. It's just still in the crash and burn phase, like a pile of steaming, burning, twisted rubble that can't be extinguished for a few more months. I'd get a divorce. She's looking elsewhere, so you should do the same.

  • I'd start bringing Trans women home

  • So my wife is early 30's I'm mid 30's.I cheated on her 5 years ago and she forgave me and we stayed together and so on.Then 2 years after that I find out she's banging a guy.So since then we both enjoy other lovers.Only less than a year ago she found out I sometimes spy on her with her lover.Its a different pleasure altogether for both of us.She enjoys knowing that I'm watching her being fucked by a guy and I get a kick out of watching a guy fuck her.Then when the guy leaves we have an intensely awesome fuck.

  • I would like to fuck your wife OP .

  • LOL

  • She has already been fucking the other guys and feels guilty so is offering you a free pass. women don't offer to let men fuck another woman without some other motive. Either she thinks its a safe bet you won't out of respect for your marriage or she doesn't feel you can fine another woman. Either way she has been withholding sex from you because she is fucking other men. You can pretty much write this marriage off as over.

  • Let her fuck them,then you're free to fuck other women too.

  • Twice a month is not enough.

  • She is already having sex with them. That is why she offered it up. She wouldnt have suggested it if she wasnt.

  • I agree, she’s at least fucking one of them. She’s just trying to ease her guilt.

  • That's what i thought. Should i be cuckold, play blind and just fuck other women ???

  • No just grow a pair!

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