I want my dad to fuck me

Ive had a fantasy of my daddy fucking me ever since i found a picture of him cumming when i was 11 i played with my little pussy over and over again to that picture fantasizing about him fucking me hard and putting that load inside me im 21 now and still want my daddy to fuck me

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  • Every girl has a fantasy about her dad, I did I imagined him putting his seed inside me the seed that gave me life, the reason is I saw him having a wank its no use pretending I didn't want to watch I did and enjoyed it, I am what's called dads girl, when I saw him ejaculate I wanted it, I know mum is not interested in sex, I would like to help dad out, but its so wrong and the ultimate taboo?.

  • Love to have a threesome with a older silver hair dad and his 40ish daughter.

  • I have the fantasy about my dad for a while I imagined the ultimate taboo foe a number of years after a while it passes as you grow up

  • You want his seed that gave you life, its the ultimate taboo its worth trying it once

  • Well your both legal age....

  • Idk if he wants to fuck me

  • It's at least even money he does girl. If you revealed some regarding your relationship, I could tell you in a heartbeat whether he does & I'm leaning to the positive side.

  • My daughters twelve..

  • Wbu? Do you have any stories you can email me too would love to hear about it

  • I think my daughter wants the same...

  • That is good

  • Any naughty stories? Wanna email? dirtwhore4rape@gmail.com

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