Big slut fantasy

I have this fantasy of being a really big slut and letting every guy i meet fuck me raw and not knowing if they have a std or not turns me on even more i wanna be a huge slut but im scared at the same time cuz im normally a good girl and i have a bf idk why the thought of me being a dirty whore makes my panties wet is that normal anybody else feel like this?

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  • I did the slut thing in my teens and early twenties, my boyfriend doesn't know.

  • I had a girlfriend who was a total slut behind my back. She fucked all of my friends, sometimes together, she fucked people we both knew, she fucked people when we were out together. She always lied about it and it drove me crazy.

    I always went back for the pussy. I knew she was a slut, she lied about being a slut and got off on it. She would often come to my place full of cum and make me eat her pussy. I suspected, maybe I knew but I always wanted to eat her pussy and fuck her. I don't know why.

    After some years of this I couldn't take it any more. I hated myself for letting her do this to me. She was the last slut I dated.

    Thing is, she's probably get upset if I caller her a slut, faking it forever. She couldn't own it

    Fuck her

  • What about a woman? The things I could do to your pussy with my tongue. Ask any les, pussy eating is much better when it’s a woman.

  • I can be considered a male slut, I'm 57 and I would guess I have had sex with at least 50 women since 1996. Probley more since I used to keep track. Had sex with 3 different women in December. I have two sex dates for this month. I can't look down any any woman that loves sex. My ex sister in law used to suck and fuck. Along with her sister in law all takers at the local bar in a town of 1000. There would be 20 or 30 people on a Saturday night. Nothing wrong with good wet sticky sex

  • I gave in. And that was one of the best things I’ve done. Became a true slut and fuck any men I can. Never feel more satisfied before. You should live the way you want and enjoy life when you still can.

  • How do i hide it from my bf?

  • You have the wrong bf, you need a pervert like me I would turn you out make you fuck & suck off all my friends, strangers, lots of drunken gang bangs and all the black cock I could find.

  • I would fucking love that! my last bf would have guys from Craigslist pay to fuck me
    I need another man whos willing to let me be a whore and loves it as much as i do

  • Don't tell

  • With how many do you have sex my darling ?

  • Ive had sex with over 50 guys im 21

  • So hot ! Does your boyfriend knows it ?

  • No he doesnt he thinks im a good girl i told him ive only slept with 7 guys

  • So hot ! keep going darling !

  • Nothing wrong with you being a whore and cum slut. You should live out your dreams and desires. Life is to short to worry about what anyone thinks of you so you need to get a really good bunch of guys together and live a little

  • Im posting on craigslist and having a few guys come fuck me think im going to take your advice i just get so horny thinking about it i cant help myself so ima try it out

  • I take anytime I can get pussy, I have a lot of fond memories. Enjoy yourself

  • Just be a slut. Give in. Let men fuck you. Take one day where you fuck every man who will and see how you feel.

  • Don't worry , I am like this too . I have a fantasy that I am a huge slut who does sex repeatedly with any man . But I am a nice girl too and I feel guilty sometimes . But I want to look like the most modest girl and deep down the biggest slut . When I thought of that I feel wet too .

  • We should slut it up and get ducked together lol😘

  • I agree ! Pleasure your vagina and you butt as much as you want my dear !

  • Fucked

  • Be prepared to lose friends and deal with some uncomplimentary accusations. The thrill can be short lived or unending.

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