Finally ate my wife's ass

I have wanted to do it for a long time but it never felt quite right. My wife and I fuck A LOT so it's not like we were ever specifically prepared for this. That is, with her having freshly showered and really cleaned herself up for it.

But yesterday my timing was perfect. Kids at school and we were both home from work. She went to the gym and hopped in the shower right when she came in. I quickly stripped and got in with her, which she hates because its a small space, but I started soaping her up and rubbing her down so she quickly got ok with it. I soaped up her ass crack and started cleaning her up in there, all around and just inside the hole.

After a few minutes I got on my knees and started licking her clit. When I could hear the moans start, I quickly maneuvered her around, bent her over a bit, and plunged right in. I kissed her asshole a bit and then started rimming her. She cried out with what sounded like joy....I kept tonguing her until I could feel her whole body trembling. She had her hands on the wall bracing herself and I had one hand with three fingers up into her pussy. She she came she screamed! It was so hot -- I stood up, shoved my cock into her ass, and came in just a few moments.

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  • Get out of here karon potchie. get off to your no fuck island. if your father told you go get there and don't come back. you should be ashamed. shame on you karon.

  • Mmmmmmnn, Ass. I like it best with a little A-1 steak sauce.

  • My husband eats my ass all the time. I love to sit on his face and grind my pussy and ass into him until I cum. He loves it as much as I do. I also eat his ass.

  • I eat my wife's stellar ass every morning. However I like smelling and eating her ass better after it's been in her tight pants all day.

  • I love to eat ass!!

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