Dog sex

I always wanted to watch a girl get fucked by a dog. Any girls really do this. Add me on Snapchat. Andyc2104. Say dog sex so I know u came from here.

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  • If a woman had sex with a dog in front of me I would want to rub her butt while she does it,I would jerk off wanting to orgasm on her breasts

  • I would like to be sitting in a chair while a naked big breasted blonde is letting a large dog do her from behind, I would like to reach down and play with those breasts all day long

  • Sex with a dog,really I wouldn't admit to anything like that unless I had to,even then anyone could get the truth out of me,

  • If you want to watch a girl of a man with a dog go on the internet

  • Okay,what about sex with a horse?is anyone wantin' that,it's okay

  • Im nearly twelve and mom got me a puppy and i like when he licks my vagina..

  • Okay,so the dog licks the vagina does it get the dog erect?

  • Add me andyc2104

  • Bruh, she's 11 for fk sake

  • On Snapchat


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