My orgasm

39 female, Why do I feel I’m not getting the “orgasm” I should be getting?
When I have an orgasm it’s ok but nothing special, yes it feels nice but that’s it.
I’ve seen the earth shattering orgasm on the Internet, my friends have told me about how amazing their orgasms are so why aren’t I having the same experience?

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  • Sex and orgasms take practice and experimentation. It’s a skill like any other. If you treat it that way you can work towards a mind blowing orgasm

  • It’s because you haven’t yet found what really turns you on and had it done (or do it) in a way to build intensity.

    Such as a guy slow licking your clit while you watch and revel in the feeling of watching such a dirty act being done on you, and feel the excitement beginning to build inside, but the way he’s doing it doesn’t give you the normal quick release. No, it lingers and escalates to the point of taking your breath and begins to make your body shudder and quiver. Soon your excitement is elevated beyond where it normally is when you cum, and yet you still haven’t. This is the point where your body begins to feel saturated in pleasure and it gets bigger and bigger until it finally becomes explosive, and then you cum all over his face as he continues his lusty actions on you.

    That’s one way, assuming this would be THE turn on. Find what excites you and then focus on it and develop it. Work out the details and you have explosive orgasms.

  • Probably have not been properly made love to yet but at 39 I would think you have had a few lovers. My first wife and I got together when she was 24 and the first time we made love she was amazed at how great her orgasms were and told me she had never had one that big in her life.
    Are you receiving oral or just intercourse? Any toys like vibrators or massagers?

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